A Brief History of Sex at the Olympics


Tuesday the internet erupted in a wave of Sochi shock that had nothing to do with dangerous half pipes, packs of wild dogs, or atrocious hotel accommodations.

Can you believe that Olympic athletes are all using Tinder—a DATING APP—at the Olympic village? So much so that “Tinder hook-ups [are] off the hook”?   This is completely unexpected. Why would the world’s best athletes, in their physical prime, with endorphins to kill and calories to burn,  and who are all compressed in a small living space be so interested in this particular extracurricular activity?

Tinder-gate of Sochi 2014 is just the most recent round of faux-surprise that Olympians might, in fact, be having sex. (Because while it’s ok to allude to the deed by sexifying female athletes, the idea that anyone’s having any actual sex is a different thing completely.)

We’ve rounded up a history of…

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Money Woes Are Killing Our Sex Drive


Looking forward to the sexiest holiday of the year? Well, keep your pants on. Your romantic interest might not have lovemaking on the mind. In fact, odds are that he or she doesn’t, if the results of a recent poll are to be believed.

The survey, commissioned by the financial-data platform Yodlee, finds that 62% of American adults think more about money than they do about sex. And it gets worse: more than a quarter (27%) of adults in romantic relationships said that money concerns affect how often they want to get busy with their partners.

Men think more about sex than women do, the poll found. But men are just as likely to have their sex drives affected by money woes as women are: 27% of men in relationships reported that money affected their libidos compared with 28% of women.

The picture looks bleak no matter what part of…

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Virginia Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban


Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, federal judge Arenda Wright Allen ruled Thursday.

She cited the U.S. Constitution and said that the state’s ban on gay nuptials violates the right to due process and equal protection of the law.

The ruling follows similar cases in Oklahoma and Utah and adds Virginia to the growing number of states recognizing the right of homosexuals to wed. The federal judge issued a stay of her order while it is appealed, which means that the ruling is on hold and must ultimately be resolved before gay couples in Virginia can marry.


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The Pope’s Valentine’s Day Message: Get Married


Twitter-savvy Pope Francis has a Valentine’s Day message for all of his young followers: It’s time to put a ring on it.

“Dear young people, don’t be afraid to marry,” the Pope wrote on Twitter on Friday. “A faithful and fruitful marriage will bring you happiness.”

According to the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project, men and women are currently getting married three and four years later, respectively, than they were in 1990. They’re getting married seven years later than they were in 1960.

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Koreas Agree to Hold Reunions For War-Torn Families


Following a series of border talks held this week, South Korean officials said Friday that North Korea agreed to let families separated by the decades-old Korean War reunite sometime in February. On Wednesday, North Korean had officials threatened to cancel the reunions due to a joint South Korean and U.S. military exercise scheduled for Feb. 24.

But the North Koreans on Friday agreed to allow the reunions to occur on Feb. 20-25, one day after Secretary of State John Kerry spoke out against the North Korean threat, the New York Timesreports.

The reunions, as well as this week’s border talks, represent a loosening of North and South Korean tensions. The talks were the first of such among high-level officials in seven years, according to the Times.


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How the World Tweets I Love You


It’s Valentine’s Day and Twitter users around the world are confessing their love online, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Israel, the country that says those three magic words—I Love You—on Twitter more than any other.

According to data released Friday by Twitter, 481 million tweets in 116 difference languages included the phrase “I love you” in 2013.

Among the top five countries that most often sent their love in tweet form, Israel is the only one in the top five not in Europe. It might be cold up there in northern Europe but Scandanavian hearts are warm—Sweden and Norway were the second and third most I-Love-You saying countries in Twitter’s data, followed by Spain and Hungary.

The United States isn’t so loving—it ranks a lowly 26th on the list.

And while this auspicious day for lovers might seem a particularly appropriate time for declarations of affection, it turns…

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How to Date a Swimsuit Model


Planning the perfect Valentines date is hard enough for most people, but what if you’re wooing a swimsuit model?  Just what does it take to make the right impression with a knockout like Alyssa Miller or Nina Agdal?

Chances are, it’s not something you really need to worry about.  But it turns out that the same dating secrets capable of winning over a Sports Illustrated swimsuit celebrity  could be effective with any woman (or man, for that matter).

So what’s the key to a successful Valentine’s Day rendezvous?  Chocolates?  Roses?  Diamonds?  Perfume?  A clever doodle?  Think again: These ladies want something money can’t buy.

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Bell Book Candle

Prescott Bush
George H W Bush
George W Bush
Hedge bush
Creosote bush
Burning bush
Barbara Bush
Laura Bush
Jenna and Barbara Bush
Jeb Bush
Manzanita bush
Scrub bush
Evergreen bush
Forsythia bush
Lilac bush
Holly bush
Hibiscus bush
No more Bushs in the White House
Bushes on the grounds are OK

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Military Scientists Developing Pizza That Stays Fresh for Up to Three Years


Researchers at a U.S. military lab are getting closer to perfecting what some call “the holy grail” of food prepared for soldiers: a pizza that stays edible for up to three years and does not require refrigeration or freezing, the Associated Press reports.

“It pretty much tastes just like a typical pan pizza that you would make at home and take out of the oven or the toaster oven,” Jill Bates, who runs the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts, told the AP. “The only thing missing from that experience would be it’s not hot when you eat it. It’s room temperature.”

Soldiers have reportedly been requesting a pizza version of the “meals ready to eat”, or MREs, ever since the products replaced canned food over three decades ago for soldiers in combat zones.

David Accetta, a former Army lieutenant colonel and the lab’s…

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Beyoncé Loves This Violin Cover of “Drunk In Love”


It is not every day that a high school student gets complimented by Beyoncé. Her official Facebook page recently posted a violin cover of her duet with Jay-Z “Drunk in Love” by Emmanuel Houndo, a student at Central High School in Philadelphia, and called it “Amazing!” We have to agree.

Since the video has gone viral, the young musician plans to cover Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” next.

(h/t TODAY.com)

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