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And… Action: Blogs to Visit ahead of the Oscars

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The Academy Awards are just around the corner — millions will tune in this Sunday to watch the annual extravaganza of teary speeches, campy choreography, and Jack Nicholson’s shades.

The blogging world is abuzz, too, with predictions, reviews, and other commentary on Hollywood’s big night. Whether you’re a movie buff or just an Ellen fan, here are some blogs you should visit to get you in the right mood for the red carpet.

And the nominees are…

If you haven’t had a chance to watch all the nominated movies (who does?) and can’t tell Nebraska from Philomena, B+ Movie Blog is here to help. A real labor of love, this site provides readers with detailed breakdowns and thoughtful analyses of each award cateogory, from Best Supporting Actress to Best Original Score.

Over at Cardboard Box Office, parents Lilly and Leon produce whimsical recreations of famous movie…

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