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Shocker: Pope Open to Gay Civil Unions

The Catholic Church could tolerate some types of civil unions as a way of protecting healthcare and property rights, Pope Francis said in an interview in the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.

While asserting that “matrimony is between a man and a woman,” the pontiff added that moves to “regulate diverse situations of cohabitation [are] driven by the need to regulate economic aspects among persons, as for instance to assure medical care. … It is necessary to look at the diverse cases and evaluate them in their variety.”

It is the first time a Pope has ever indicated even a minute acceptance of civil unions.
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Foreign ministers — including those from Russia and Ukraine — meeting today in Paris “agreed to continue intense discussions in the coming days” to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Their goal is “to see how we can help normalize the situation, stabilize it and overcome the crisis,” he said.

Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met three times today in the French capital. One of those meetings included a “brief and informal discussion” among Kerry, Lavrov, British Foreign Secretary William Hague, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, an official said.

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Republican Darrell Issa turns off microphone on Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings




“Issa, Cummings clash at IRS hearing”




God bless all of my readers.
God bless all of my readers.

Chicago – “Cell Block Tango”

“Ukraine crisis: Diplomats meet in Paris to find an “off-ramp” as tension over Russia’s takeover of Crimea simmers”



“Florida poised to expand ‘Stand Your Ground?’



“Report: Hillary Clinton compares Russia to Nazi Germany”



“Why We Did It, a Rachel Maddow documentary, premieres March 6th”




A little more than a year ago, MSNBC broadcast Hubris: Selling of the Iraq War.  Based on the book of the same title by NBC News’ Michael Isikoff and David Corn, an editor with Mother Jones, the documentary detailed how the Iraq War was sold on the mistaken premise that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).  And our viewers responded: Hubris garnered the largest audience of any MSNBC documentary in the last ten years.

Of course, we now know – and the documentary and book show – that some of those in power were told well before the war that the public case they were making was false.  There were no weapons of mass destruction. There were no mobile biological weapons labs. Saddam Hussein did not seek significant quantities of uranium from Africa. The public case for war in Iraq was based on faulty evidence presented as established facts.

Despite the flawed argument and flimsy evidence, Congress bought it – authorizing the march to war.    Most of the media bought it.  The American public bought it.  But since the Administration’s WMD argument proved to be a smokescreen,  a haunting question remains: just what was the smokescreen hiding? What was the reason for the Bush Administration’s decision to send hundreds of thousands of American soldiers into harm’s way to a foreign land? What was the reason for the Bush Administration’s focus on Iraq even before 9/11?  And why Iraq, since other nations posed a greater immediate WMD threat?

Hubris answered the question of How, but there remains an even bigger question: Why?

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