“Why White Straight Males Don’t Talk About Privilege”


There’s a common trend when it comes to discussing sensitive topics such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and classism. The only people that truly delve into public discourse about such topics are the individuals that are being affected by them.

People of color speak up about racism, women talk about sexism, the LGBT community is vocal about homophobia and transphobia, and individuals of lower economic standing speak up about classism.


Yes, of course the individuals that are being oppressed by certain systems are going to be the most vocal and obstinate for change. But, wouldn’t the most effective way to change a society be to have members of dominant groups affect cultural and legal changes — since they are the creators of these systems?

In other words, members of the dominant group have to be aware in the ways they are privileged. And yet, the conversation does not start with these people.  FULL POST