In a CNN-TV One town hall, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly criticized GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Sanders described the mogul as “a pathological liar” who is inciting violence at his rallies. Clinton said Trump is committing “political arson” and trafficking in hate and fear. She also said that some foreign leaders have been so alarmed by Trump’s rhetoric that they have offered her endorsements.

The candidates also addressed concerns about college costs, taxes, foreign policy, the death penalty and poverty.

Sanders said that if he becomes president, it will be because of a significant increase in voter turnout – and that the turnout would mean Democrats could recapture the U.S. Senate and gain a significant number of seats in the House.

He also said small-business owners would benefit from his health care and tax plans because their expenses would be significantly reduced if they didn’t have to pay for health care for themselves and their employees.

In response to a question from an Ohioan who had spent several decades on death row, Clinton said she thought the death penalty should be reserved for a very narrow category of federal cases: Those involving terror attacks.

She said she also would work with Congress to lower the costs of health care.

On Tuesday, Democratic voters will choose between Sanders and Clinton in contests in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio.

Clinton currently leads the race with 1,244 delegates. Sanders has 574 delegates.

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