Day: April 21, 2017

“Brad Paisley – Remind Me ft. Carrie Underwood”


“A Blue Nightmare Is Coming To Swallow Trump As Democrats Hold A Big 2018 Enthusiasm Edge”


The 2018 picture is bright for Democrats currently, with a 19 point enthusiasm gap for the House among voters most excited for turning out next year, 57-38.


“DOJ official leading Trump-Russia probe to step down”


A former Justice Department official who worked with Mary McCord said he didn’t expect her departure to throw the investigation off-course. | Getty


“From “hot chocolate” to “triumphant”: Woman whose account may have been final straw for Bill O’Reilly speaks out”


“Perquita Burgess, the most recent woman to accuse Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment, appeared for the first time publicly as a guest on “The View” Thursday afternoon — just one day after the cable news giant was informed that he would no longer have a home at Fox News.

“It’s very cathartic; very cathartic,” Burgess said on Thursday, explaining that she felt “triumphant” after O’Reilly’s ousting. Burgess told the co-hosts that she was “tired of reliving the trauma every time I saw a woman speak out, and I wanted to save him from doing it to anyone else.” MORE

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