Day: July 12, 2017

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Jr And EXPOSES About Russia Collision (July 11, 2017)”


“Rachel Maddow Shakes Trump To His Core By Asking One Big Question About The Russia Scandal”


On her MSNBC program, Rachel Maddow pointed out that the Russians knew about the Donald Trump Jr. meeting before The New York Times ever did, and asked the vital question, did the Russians use their information to blackmail anyone in the White House?


“Collapsing house of cards: Should we be grateful for the shocking incompetence of Team Trump?”


“In a strange way, it’s a relief that President Donald Trump and his various henchmen are such idiots when it comes to dealing with what’s rapidly evolving into a presidency-ending scandal. Otherwise we might not know half of what we’ve heard about the increasingly treacherous Trump-Russia story. If Trump was closer to a real-life Frank Underwood, there’d still be a massive scandal, but the president and his people wouldn’t be inexplicably confessing to it.” MORE


“Gowdy fumes at Trump administration over latest Russia controversy”


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