“John Oliver to Colbert : The Don Jr. Scandal Is Something (If Something Means Anything)”



“Trump Comes Unglued During Rally And Goes Full White Power Racist In Phoenix”


“Trump tried to hide by repeating his prepared remarks about love from the previous night, but eventually, the truth came out in Phoenix, as Trump started defending the Confederacy as part of our country and history, and condemned leaders who took down statues that celebrate slavery.”  MORE


“How do you stand up to white supremacists?”


“Comedian and Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah is suing the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, alleging that the site’s founder, Andrew Anglin, wrote a post falsely accusing Obeidallah of being a terrorist and the mastermind behind the Manchester bombing. Anglin’s story was accompanied by fake tweets doctored to look as though Obeidallah had written them.”  MORE


“Trump signals Arpaio pardon coming”


“President Donald Trump hinted during a speech in Arizona on Tuesday that he plans to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio over his federal contempt-of-court conviction, but the president said he wouldn’t take such an action immediately in order to avoid “controversy.”

Trump, speaking at a rally in Phoenix, suggested that relief was on the way for the 85-year-old ex-lawman known for his tough treatment of illegal immigrants.”  MORE


“Here Are The Wildest Moments From Trump’s Wild Arizona Rally”


“President Donald Trump blasted the media, criticized members of Congress and suggested he’d shut down the government to build a border wall during a frenzied, 77-minute campaign-style rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night that left some commentators wondering about his fitness for office.”  MORE