“Trump Has No Idea How to Handle North Korea: The Daily Show”


“Chris Hayes Tears Apart GOP Rep For Refusing To Debunk Myth That Dreamers Steal Jobs”


“Once again, Trump is perpetuating an offensive lie and stirring up minority resentment to please his base, and GOP members of Congress are too spineless to reject it.” MORE


“Man dies after jumping into bonfire at Burning Man festival”



“Trump wants one last Senate push on Obamacare repeal”


“President Donald Trump and some Senate Republicans are refusing to give up on Obamacare repeal, even after this summer’s spectacular failure and with less than a month before a key deadline.

The president and White House staff have continued to work with Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana over the summer on their proposal to block grant federal health care funding to the states. And though the bill is being rewritten and Congress faces a brutal September agenda, Trump and his allies on health care are making a last-gasp effort.” MORE


“Trump’s Mine Safety Pick Would Be Policing His Friends And Once-Fellow Coal Operators”


“If he’s confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate, Zatezalo would be just the latest business-friendly official installed in Trump’s deregulation-happy administration. And like many of the appointees before him, Zatezalo has a resume that appears better suited to an industry trade group than a watchdog government agency.”  MORE