Day: September 11, 2017

“Alec Baldwin as Trump Rally in Phoenix”


September 10, 2017

“Trump Finally Realizes That “People F**king Hate Him” After 7 Months Of Failure In Office”


“According to an adviser, Donald Trump has finally realized that people “f**king hate him” which is why he caved and gave Democrats everything that they wanted in the debt ceiling deal.

Axios reported, “A Trump adviser says that after a tumultuous seven months in office, it had finally dawned on the president: “People really f@&@ing hate me.” For someone who has spent his life lapping up adulation, however fake, it was a harsh realization. This is a man with an especially acute need for affirmation.” MORE



“There will be blood: “Republicans have a binary choice: fight for President Trump, or die”


“In a modern society, propaganda is omnipresent. It is one of the primary tools that governments and the powerful use to manipulate the public in order to maintain control. For example, propaganda is circulated on a daily basis by the supposedly neutral “experts” who write editorial columns in America’s newspapers or online and appear on cable news — but who are in fact on the payrolls of partisan interest groups, public relations firms and political organizations.” MORE



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