“The Check In: Who the Hell is Dana Rohrabacher?”


“Rachel Maddow Asks One Question That Will Determine Whether Trump Survives Russia Scandal”


“On the heels of the stunning news that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort offered “private briefings” on the 2016 campaign to a Russian billionaire, Rachel Maddow asked one question surrounding Manafort’s activities that could determine the fate of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Channeling Manafort in order to determine why he offered these private meetings, Maddow asked, “How can I use my newfound fame and my political power in this presidential campaign to pay off my debt that I owe to my eastern European contacts?”

“What could I do for them with this presidential campaign that might make them forgive my debt?” Maddow added, continuing to speculate what Manafort may have been thinking during last year’s campaign.”  MORE


“Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boston bombing movie “Stronger” tries to join divided America”


“The film is a small movie set around a big event. It’s an adaptation of Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman’s 2014 memoir. Bauman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, attended the Marathon to watch his girlfriend compete and he wound up losing his legs in the explosion; then, when he woke up, he helped police identify the Tsarnaev brothers. The explosion comes 15 minutes into the film; the movie is about the aftermath. It’s about Bauman coping with post-traumatic stress, the pressures of being cast as a national hero and the toll the injury takes on his personal relationships.”  MORE


“Left on ‘full war footing’ to stop Obamacare repeal”


“The liberal activists roused into the streets by President Donald Trump are revving up for one last campaign to save Obamacare.

The sudden resurgence of Republicans’ repeal push appeared to catch Democrats and their base by surprise. But ahead of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plans to vote next week on a new bill to dismantle the health law, the Democratic grass roots is on what one leading activist called “full war footing.” MORE


“Livid Kimmel Turns Up The Heat On Sen. Cassidy For A 2nd Night”


“Could it be, Sen. Cassidy, that the problem is that I do understand and you got caught with your G-O-Penis out?”