“Homo Trumpus: Has our deformed democracy created a New Man?”


“Donald Trump has done a number of terrible and remarkable things to this country in a startlingly brief amount of time. Could it be he has created a new kind of American, or even a new kind of human being?

Of course the question is facetious: Evolution doesn’t work like that, not even in the more subjective realms of politics and culture. It would be more true to say that Trump took advantage of a new subspecies of stultified, deadened, bewildered American — an American still half-convinced of his own greatness, his special destiny, but also halfway aware of his cultural isolation and near-total powerlessness. (In this context, I think the sexist pronoun is forgivable.)”  MORE

“Joe Biden’s Platform for 2020: Anti-Populism”


By criticizing the views of both Berniecrats and Trumpites, Biden is positioning himself as the antidote to populism in all its forms and flavors.

“These Are The 21 States Russian Hackers Targeted In The 2016 Election”


“The Department of Homeland Security told told election officials in 21 states on Friday that Russian hackers attempted to access their voting systems in the 2016 election.

DHS contacted officials in all 50 states to tell them whether they had been targeted. The department declined to publicly name the 21 states hackers tried to breach.”  MORE