“Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look”


Watch “As Trump Has No Idea What’s Going On During Healthcare Executive Order Signing”


A lost-looking Donald Trump looked around the room and appeared completely tuned out as Vice President Mike Pence introduced before a healthcare executive order signing at the White House.

“California wildfires torch state’s legal marijuana farms, leaving owners helpless”


“Several marijuana farms in Mendocino County, California have been destroyed as a result of the state’s rapid spreading wildfires, leaving many business owners — who the law bars from obtaining insurance — without product as legal sales are set to begin in January, according to multiple news reports.

Since Sunday night, wildfires have spread throughout Northern California’s wine country and have left at least 24 dead and hundreds missing, CNN reported.

More than 3,500 structures have been destroyed, and Gov. Jerry Brown declared state of emergencies in eight counties as 21 fires burn throughout the state. More than 191,000 were torched, “a collective area nearly the size of New York City,” The Washington Post reported.” MORE


“Trump sparks new backlash after threatening Puerto Rico aid”



October 12, 2017


“Trump To Cut Off Billions In Key Obamacare Payments To Insurers”


“In Trump’s mind, dealing damage to the Obamacare market is a means to achieve leverage he believes will force congressional Democrats to cooperate with replacing the Affordable Care Act, the law President Barack Obama signed in 2010 that has brought the number of uninsured Americans to a historic low.” MORE