“Seth Meyers got told off by Trump after mockery: – You were too harsh! | Skavlan”


“In Must See Video, Nicolle Wallace Shows That There Is No Bottom To Trump’s Sociopathic Behavior”


“The compilation contained Trump’s attack on John McCain for getting captured, his mocking of a disabled reporter, the attack on a Gold Star family, the Access Hollywood tape, his speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree, Trump’s defense of racists and neo-Nazis after Charlottesville, and his attack on the First Amendment via the NFL player protests.

Wallace said after the video, “So, it turns out for this president, there’s always a lower rung from which to swing.

Nothing is sacred to Trump. It is important that people watch this video, to remind themselves that Trump’s behavior is not normal. It is not normal for a president. It is not normal for a human being.” MORE


“Trump exploits John Kelly’s dead son to back up his Obama falsehoods”


“President Donald Trump used the deceased son of his own chief of staff, retired Marine Corps. Gen. John F. Kelly, to score a political point in the ongoing controversy over his inaccurate claim that President Barack Obama often didn’t call the families of deceased soldiers.

“You could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama?” Trump said on Brian Kilmeade’s show on Tuesday morning.” MORE


“Raqqa’s liberation will change, not end, fight against ISIS”


“The near-collapse of the Islamic State’s self-declared caliphate will still leave the group a potent terrorist threat in the West, with thousands of adherents around the world.

But its battlefield losses and the evaporation of its grandiose territorial ambitions could at least blunt its propaganda efforts and its lure to potential recruits.

“This is more like the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end in the struggle against the Islamic State,” said Jim Phillips, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, following reports that U.S. allies in Syria had taken control of ISIS’ capital of Raqqa. “They’re likely to go underground and put down deep roots and bide their time to wait for another violent eruption.” MORE


“NFL Owners Decide To Punt In Meeting On Political Protests”


“NFL owners met Tuesday with leaders from the NFL Players Association to hash out the issue of athletes protesting racial inequality by taking a knee during the national anthem.

If the early reports are any indication, neither party took a strong stand for or against the protests.

The four-hour discussion concluded instead with what seems like an extension of the status quo, according to Sports Illustrated senior NFL reporter Albert Breer. For now, players will continue to make their own decisions.” MORE