“Trump Feuds with Gold Star Families: The Daily Show”



“American Hero Moons Donald Trump’s Motorcade On Its Way To D.C. Event”


“It was a full moon in Washington D.C. on Thursday night as a man reportedly dropped his pants and flashed his rear end to Donald Trump’s motorcade as it drove by on its way to an event at the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.

The details, according to the White House press pool:

Just shy of Tilden Street, several of the riders in the press van reported seeing a man mooning the motorcade from one of the lower floors of an apartment building. One of our colleagues stated it was a full moon.

There have been no reported pictures of the incident taking place, but it’s not hard to believe such a thing would happen to this president, as he continues to see some of the most dismal approval numbers in modern American history.” MORE


“Donald Trump’s Gold Star controversies get even more embarrassing”


“President Donald Trump’s Gold Star family controversies continued to roil his presidency.

One controversy involves Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, whose son was killed in Afghanistan in June. During a phone call several weeks later, Baldridge claimed that Trump offered him $25,000 and said his staff would set up an online fundraiser but failed to do either of those things, according to The Washington Post. The check was subsequently sent out on Wednesday, the same day as the Post reported the story.” MORE


“Senate Passes Budget Blueprint Key To Trump Tax Effort”


“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s drive to overhaul the U.S. tax code cleared a critical hurdle on Thursday when the Senate approved a budget blueprint for the 2018 fiscal year that will pave the way for Republicans to pursue a tax-cut package without Democratic support.

By a 51-to-49 vote, the Republican-controlled Senate approved the budget measure, which would add up to $1.5 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade in order to pay for proposed tax cuts.

“Now with this budget, we’re on a path to deliver much-needed relief to American individuals and families who have borne the burden of an unfair tax code,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said after it passed.” MORE



“Rachel Maddow Reveals ‘Baffling’ Trump Decision That Led To Four Dead U.S. Soldiers In Niger”


“In a stunning segment on Thursday night, Rachel Maddow revealed the “mistaken” Donald Trump policy decision that may have led to the attack that killed four American soldiers in Niger.

According to Maddow, the administration’s decision to add the African nation of Chad to its revised list of travel ban countries may have been the first domino in a series of events that led to the deadly ambush in Niger.” MORE