Day: November 16, 2017

“Trump-Proofing America’s Nukes: The Daily Show”


“On transatlantic trade, Trump is all bluster, no bite — so far”


“BERLIN — Donald Trump may not be so bad for transatlantic relations after all, at least when it comes to trade and business ties.

A year after the U.S. president’s election, diplomatic relations between Washington and most European capitals are frosty, at best. Many ambassadorial postings on the Continent have yet to be filled. And yet worries that America’s irascible president would have a chilling effect on U.S.-European business ties have turned out to be largely overdone. For the time being, at least.” MORE


“Ben Carson’s public housing plan would be crippled if the GOP’s tax bill passes”


“The GOP’s tax bill would severely curtail its own administration’s plan to solve the country’s $49 billion backlog of public housing repairs. That estimate doesn’t include repairs related to damage from the recent hurricanes — repairs that could also face serious slowdowns if the House GOP’s plan passes.” MORE


“Awful Human Being Trump Lifts Obama-Era Ban On Importing African Elephant Heads”


“With the world crumbling around his administration, Donald Trump thought now would be a good time to encourage the killing of African elephants.” MORE

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