Day: December 6, 2017

“Republicans Renew Their Support for Roy Moore: The Daily Show”


“Here’s The Real Sexual Assault Case That Could Destroy Donald Trump”



“Unless you’re rich, the economy is not working for you”


“Our economy has plenty of problems, but too little cash at the top is not one of them. Tax cuts for corporations and the rich—along with a suite of policies pushed over 40 years—have shifted how, when and where corporations and individuals decide to invest, spend and save.” MORE


“House Democrat plans to force impeachment vote Wednesday”


“Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) says he intends to force a vote Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump, a move that Democratic leaders have long sought to fend off despite increasing agitation from a small faction of liberal members.

“I love my country,” Green wrote in a letter to colleagues on Tuesday. “For this reason, I will bring articles of impeachment to a vote in the House of Representatives.” MORE

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