“Conservative Outrage Grows Over the Mueller Probe: The Daily Show”



“Trump Is So Unstable That His Advisers Have To Withhold Information From Him Or He Flips Out”


“If you talk about Russia, meddling, interference — that takes the PDB off the rails,” said a second former senior U.S. intelligence official.

Trump can’t be given facts in the same manner as other presidents. Information has to be massaged or hidden from him to prevent the President from getting upset and blowing up. Trump is making life and death decision with inadequate information because if his advisers tell him the truth, he gets upset.

America needs a steady hand at the wheel, not a 71-year-old man baby who can’t handle the truth.” MORE


” Trumped-up charges: Feds try to criminalize Inauguration Day protest”


“While most of America has been preoccupied with year-end holiday festivities and the Alabama U.S. Senate race, federal prosecutors in Washington have been hard at work trying to convict six people who were present during a demonstration against the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The trial, which is taking place in the District of Columbia’s Superior Court, has received comparatively little attention from the national press. It deserves to since prosecutors are trying to redefine the rules governing public demonstrations. Federal authorities have admitted they have no actual evidence that the defendants on trial committed acts of vandalism, but want to convict them of serious crimes anyway.

“I’ll be very clear. We don’t believe any of the defendants personally engaged in property destruction,” U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff admitted in her opening statement in mid-November.” MORE


“How the loss of net neutrality could change the internet”


“The repeal of net neutrality ushers in a new chapter of the internet that could eventually transform the way Americans communicate, shop and consume information online.

The Federal Communications Commission’s party-line vote Thursday to dump the Obama-era rules, which required internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally, opens the door for companies like Verizon and AT&T to experiment with new business models free from government regulation.” MORE


“Marco Rubio Holding Out For Child Tax Credit That Actually Helps Poor People”


WASHINGTON ― Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said he won’t vote for the latest version of the Republican tax bill unless leaders make it more generous for low-income families with children.

“I can’t in good conscience support it,” Rubio told reporters on Thursday.

Since Senate Democrats unanimously oppose the legislation, Republicans can lose only two votes in the chamber and still pass their bill. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) opposed an earlier version of the measure. ” MORE