Barack Obama

“Alarmed by Trump, Obama alums launch campaigns of their own”


“Some House races have even drawn multiple former Obama hands into the arena. In Texas, former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough and ex-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew have lined up behind Ed Meier, a former State Department official, while ex-Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro is backing his former employee, Colin Allred, who was also an Obama White House intern and professional football player. Meier and Allred are competing in a crowded primary to take on Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), who didn’t attract a single Democratic opponent last year.”  MORE

“Obama Gives Trump A Lesson In Presidential Leadership With Powerful Charlottesville Response”


U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. January 10, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

“Trump Falsely Takes Credit For Obama’s Nuclear Modernization Plan”


Donald Trump boasted on social media that he upgraded the US nuclear arsenal, but he didn’t. The plan he is taking credit for was formed and implemented by President Obama.

“Obama’s army takes on Trump”


Organizing for Action, a hub of the Democratic protest movement, is learning to live without the former president.

“GOP Plotting To Take Another Shot At Repealing Obamacare And Hurting Millions Of Americans”


This week’s epic failure to pass any repeal and replace legislation won’t be the last effort by Donald Trump and Republicans to dismantle former President Obama’s signature achievement.

“Obamacare Is Alive Because It Has Made Life Better For Millions”


“The Affordable Care Act has survived yet another effort to snuff it out. And one reason is a simple reality that Republicans have rarely been willing to admit ― to their supporters, to the general public, and perhaps even to themselves.

It turns out “Obamacare” has made life better for a great many people.” MORE

“Obama returns to politics with redistricting group fundraiser”


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