“Group plays Trump ‘Access Hollywood’ video for 12 hours near White House”


For 12 hours straight Friday on the National Mall, a women’s rights organization played the 2005 Access Hollywood recording where President Trump made comments about groping women.

UltraViolet — a group that describes itself as a “community of people mobilized to fight sexism” — ran the video on a loop from 9 a.m. ET to 9 p.m. on a large screen near the White House. The video was part of the group’s “Grab Back” rally, held on the first anniversary of the day The Washington Post released a video of Trump making vulgar comments amid the heat of the 2016 campaign.

In the 2005 video, Trump talked about pursuing a married woman and bragged about being able to grope women because of his fame. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump said.” MORE

“Melania Trump Sacrifices Credibility As Cyber-Bullying Opponent to Stand By Her Man’s Cyber-Bullying”


“Melania Trump drops fake cyber bullying campaign she only pretended to care about”


The first lady hasn’t said a word about cyber bullying since her husband took office

“Conservative groups are pressuring advertisers to drop Rachel Maddow’s program”


A conservative watchdog group says Rachel Maddow peddles conspiracy theories and wants advertisers to dump her show


“Trump Reportedly Called Germans ‘Very Bad,’ Vowed To Stop German Car Sales In The U.S.”


“Morning Joe: ‘Thuggish Trump’ Responsible For Reporter Assault”


“The fish, again, rots from the head.”

“Trump dangles Obamacare payments to force Dems to the table”


Cutting off a key subsidy program could send Obamacare’s insurance markets into a tailspin.

“Trump’s growing corruption: The president’s business conflicts and nepotism become even more flagrant”


Republicans are ignoring the shameless self-dealing and graft of the Trump administration. They must pay a price