“Hugh Hefner, Founder Of Playboy, Dead At 91”


Los Angeles, UNITED STATES: Hugh Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, poses for a photo during an interview with journalists at his mansion in Los Angeles, CA 23 August 2006. Hefner called the interview to promote the premiere in France of the series “The Girl Next Door”, a reality show that introduces the viewer to the daily life of Hefner and his three girlfriends. AFP PHOTO / HECTOR MATA (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

“Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boston bombing movie “Stronger” tries to join divided America”


“The film is a small movie set around a big event. It’s an adaptation of Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman’s 2014 memoir. Bauman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, attended the Marathon to watch his girlfriend compete and he wound up losing his legs in the explosion; then, when he woke up, he helped police identify the Tsarnaev brothers. The explosion comes 15 minutes into the film; the movie is about the aftermath. It’s about Bauman coping with post-traumatic stress, the pressures of being cast as a national hero and the toll the injury takes on his personal relationships.”  MORE

“The Stunning Transformation Of Dolly Parton

“These Are The Shortest Men In Hollywood”


You already know that in Hollywood looks can be deceiving. Just because a male celebrity has a big presence does not necessarily mean he has the height to match. Whether you know it or not, many leading men measure up on the shorter end, which is easily hidden by camera angles—not to mention hoards of fans following their every move.
While there is absolutely no shame in their height (hey, Hollywood women are short too), it is fascinating to learn just which celebrities might be shorter than you. All of the men on this list are 5’8″  MORE

“Former SNL cast member confirms what we all suspected about Trump in real life”


“A desperate Donald Trump records a message on Facebook offering free inauguration tickets”



“Barbra Streisand sounds off on Trump”

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