“China Pulls Out All the Stops for Trump: The Daily Show”


“Trump turns to sanctions, diplomacy on North Korea after threatening destruction”


“New York (CNN)President Donald Trump announced an expansion of sanctions on North Korea Thursday and praised China for taking action to limit financial transactions with the isolated communist nation.

The effort to project forward momentum in his bid to isolate Pyongyang came at the end of Trump’s four-day visit to the United Nations General Assembly, where the crisis has taken prominence in rapid-pace meetings with more than a dozen world leaders.” MORE

“Why China won’t isolate North Korea”


“China is not willing to put the kind of regime threat pressure that we think is necessary because they don’t want to cause a Korean collapse,” said Joseph DeThomas, a former U.S. diplomat who specialized in sanctions and nonproliferation issues…” MORE


The Chinese government has granted preliminary approval for 34 Trump-related trademarks in businesses ranging from mining and construction to restaurants, hotels and golf courses.

Nine of the applications were approved on Feb. 27, and 25 were approved on Monday, according to Chinese trademark documents reviewed by CNN.

Trump Organization lawyers have told CNN that the business is simply trying to protect the Trump trademark from anyone who might improperly use it.

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“Republicans Have Long Wanted to Punish the U.N., but Trump Might Actually Do It”


Too bad the biggest winner of a U.S. retreat from the world’s global body would be China.

Too bad the biggest winner of a U.S. retreat from the world’s global body would be China.

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