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“Madea Is Trump’s New Communications Director”


“FCC chairman’s bind: Defend Trump or free speech”


“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is facing increasing pressure to distance himself from President Donald Trump’s threats against NBC — a course of action that would risk provoking the president’s Twitter-fueled wrath.

Democrats have refused to let the issue die in recent days, with FCC Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel warning in a weekend television appearance that “history won’t be kind to silence” on Trump’s threats to the First Amendment. Pai could confront public questions about the issue as soon as Tuesday at a telecom law event in Washington, forcing him to choose between his longstanding defense of freedom of speech and the man who made him chairman.” MORE

“Life in iPhone hell”


“I have an iPhone, and eventually I will have an iPhone X. Not because I like products or I thirst for innovation; it’s because all of my tech, including work and home computers, are Apple products, so why may make things more difficult than they have to be? And everyone knows that old iPhones break when the new ones drop. (I can’t prove it, but ask your friends, they’ll tell you.) So I know the iPhone X is in my future, but I can’t get excited about it.”  MORE

“Mooch’s first round disappoints: Anthony Scaramucci off to a rocky start on the Sunday shows”


Trump’s newly chosen communications director made a splash defending the president — but not in a good way