“As People Die In Washington Train Derailment, Trump Cuts Funding To Amtrak”


“Trump responded to the Amtrak Washington train derailment with a tweet calling for more infrastructure spending. The problem is that Trump’s own budget slashes funding for Amtrak.” MORE


January 17, 2013

“Trump’s Mine Safety Pick Would Be Policing His Friends And Once-Fellow Coal Operators”


“If he’s confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate, Zatezalo would be just the latest business-friendly official installed in Trump’s deregulation-happy administration. And like many of the appointees before him, Zatezalo has a resume that appears better suited to an industry trade group than a watchdog government agency.”  MORE

“Donald Trump is starting a Republican civil war — and it’s a war he can’t win”


“President Donald Trump is in a no-win situation, and it’s all of his own making.

On Tuesday, while in Phoenix for his ambling, rambling rally, Trump met with two major Republicans, according to Politico: Jeff DeWit, the state treasurer, and Robert Graham, a former GOP state chairman. Both men are reportedly mulling a primary challenge to incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake, who has been a leading Trump target since…”  MORE

“Republicans on recess hold town halls, are met with constituents angry about health care”


A Colorado senator holds two town halls and is met with constituents angry about his attempts to repeal Obamacare

“Malcolm Nance Throws Hammer Down On White House, Says Trump Is Under Complete Russian Control”


“He may not even know that he is an asset under your control until you pull that string, and then suddenly you need him to do things for you – and they do.”

“WATCH: Dutch documentary investigates Trump’s alleged past links to the Russian mob”


“Putin and Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”


“Trump family grift is getting worse: Eric and Donald Jr. resurface with a discount hotel scam”


It’s a double dose of low-grade evil: First a craptastic Americana hotel chain, then some shady foundation funds

“Ivanka Trump’s women entrepreneurs fund takes $100 million from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates”