“The Doug Jones Win Proves The Democratic Wave Is Real”


Trump endorsed Roy Moore, Republicans remained confident even with the allegations of child sexual assault against their candidate, but at the end of the day, Democrat Doug Jones beat Roy Moore to become the next Senator from Alabama.” MORE


“The tax money Trump has spent on golf carts could have bought 54,095 school lunches”



“President Donald Trump may want to cut the federal budget and says he wants to return tax dollars back to the American public. Even so, he sure does love to spend your money on his personal pastimes.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Secret Service reportedly spent $7,470 on golf cart rentals for its agents and the president while at Trump’s private Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, according to federal purchase orders reviewed by USA Today. In total, the publication reports that the Secret Service has spent $144,975 on golf carts in the 11 months since Trump assumed office.

Golfing is such an integral part of Trump’s routine — he’s been on 81 trips to golf properties while in office — that the Secret Service had to sign an ongoing contract with Golf Cart & Utility Distributors, a Florida cart rental company, which now amounts to $69,430.”

“Republican Hypocrites Won’t Say Why They Believe Moore’s Accusers And Not Trump’s”


“Why do Republicans only believe the women accusing Roy Moore, but not the women who accused Donald Trump? Republicans have no legitimate answer, and so instead claim they are “Only talking about Roy Moore right now,” pivoting to “But Bill Clinton” and fleeing.” MORE

“Soon, everyone can read the dirt on Trump’s White House”


“Famed columnist Michael Wolff gained extraordinary access to the Trump White Houseto write a new book, and now everyone on Pennsylvania Avenue is alarmed about what he might publish.

The best-selling author spent months inside Trump’s West Wing, documenting the heated conversations and internal strife that has plagued President Donald Trump’s first year in office. Axios reported that Wolff was often unsupervised as he witnessed first hand the instability and crumbling power structures. The new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” will be published in January.” MORE


“How the Right Politicized Roy Moore’s Sexual Misconduct: The Daily Show”


“What we know about Trump Jr.’s exchanges with WikiLeaks”


On Monday, it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr. exchanged some private messages on Twitter with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. The news was first reported by The Atlantic and later confirmed by Trump Jr., who posted screenshots of the messages.” MORE