“Top NYC Officials Condemn Justice Department’s Claim City ‘Soft On Crime’ Reply



“Trump’s deep links to organized crime: Federal investigators know and the public is catching on” Reply


FILE – In this Sept. 24, 2015, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to the crowd gathered in front of Trump Tower ahead of the arrival of the pope’s motorcade for an appearance in New York’s Central Park. Trump holds a trademark to use the words ìCentral Parkî on items including furniture, chandeliers and even key chains. Records show his first application came in 1991, when the cityís crime rate was near its height and the park had a less-than-glamorous reputation. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen, File)

“Alabama governor resigns, pleads guilty to misdemeanors”


Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley leaves the Alabama Capitol Building on Monday. | Albert Cesare/The Montgomery Advertiser via AP

“Meet Mike Conaway, the new sheriff on the Trump-Russia case”


Rep. Mike Conaway has already drawn criticism from the left for his skepticism toward the intelligence community’s conclusions about Russia’s aims. | Getty

“White House Reeling After Democrat On Intel Committee Says Trump Aides Will Face Jail Time”


The congressman has access to more intelligence than the average member of Congress.

“Trump’s growing corruption: The president’s business conflicts and nepotism become even more flagrant”


Republicans are ignoring the shameless self-dealing and graft of the Trump administration. They must pay a price

“Michael Flynn in 2016: ‘When you’re given immunity, you’ve probably committed a crime’


Donald Trump’s former national security adviser has suggested he will testify about potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia in exchange for immunity. But speaking to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd in September 2016, Michael Flynn criticised immunity deals offered during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. ‘Five people around her have been given immunity,’ he said. ‘When you are given immunity, that means that you probably committed a crime’

“Rachel Maddow Explains How Mike Pence Is Going To Go Down With Trump For Russia Scandal”


Rachel Maddow pointed out the obvious. None of the excuses that Vice President Mike Pence is giving for his lack of knowledge about the Russia scandal make sense. As the head of Trump’s transition, Vice President Pence is not clean and will go down with Trump for the events that happened during the 2016 election.


“Devin Nunes’ bizarre White House charade: New York Times reveals House intel chief’s apparent source”


Nunes reportedly met with two White House officials — before leaking classified info back to the White House