“How will tax cuts affect 2018 midterms?”

“Unless you’re rich, the economy is not working for you”


“Our economy has plenty of problems, but too little cash at the top is not one of them. Tax cuts for corporations and the rich—along with a suite of policies pushed over 40 years—have shifted how, when and where corporations and individuals decide to invest, spend and save.” MORE

“Economic Development: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

“Breaking down the looming debt-ceiling battle”


“Since Republicans took the House majority in 2010, the debt ceiling has been lifted eight times. It’s a bit easier in the Senate than the House, so let’s focus on the House. Most of the time, the majority of House Republicans don’t vote to lift the cap.”  MORE

“Why China won’t isolate North Korea”


“China is not willing to put the kind of regime threat pressure that we think is necessary because they don’t want to cause a Korean collapse,” said Joseph DeThomas, a former U.S. diplomat who specialized in sanctions and nonproliferation issues…” MORE

“WATCH: Is Vladimir Putin’s big collapse coming soon?”


Author Richard Lourie talks about how Putin’s failure to wean Russia off oil will destroy the nation’s economy

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