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“Paul Ryan’s Dem Challenger Dismantles The Speaker For Being Trump’s Spineless Lapdog”


“As Bryce said, it’s “proven” that Ryan cares more about dismantling the social safety net and advancing the interests of his wealthy donors than he does about helping his constituents or holding this dangerous president accountable.” MORE

“Memo Combat: Republicans React to Devin Nunes’s Dud Memo: The Daily Show”

“GOP escalates law enforcement probes as Russia inquiry heats up”


“Amid new signs that special counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing an obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress have intensified their own investigations of the Justice Department’s and FBI’s handling of inquiries into Trump’s ties to Russia.

Tuesday brought several dramatic developments in the Russia saga, including the news that Mueller recently interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first Cabinet official known to be questioned in the investigation. The New York Times also reported that former FBI Director James Comey was interviewed by Mueller last year.” MORE

“GOP’s new scheme to destroy welfare: Spend the money on other stuff”


“Maine’s Trumpian governor, Paul LePage, has redirected $1.7 million of funds meant to ease the burdens of families living in poverty to after-school programs, the Bangor Daily News reported last week. The money is coming from a program called Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), established in 1996 for the purpose of alleviating poverty and helping low-income people find employment. It seems like an odd choice to use that money instead on programs like My Place Teen Center, which has lots of fun movie nights and vaguely defined team-building exercises, but is not in the business of making sure families living in poverty can pay rent or get enough clothes to hold down a job.” MORE

“Chris Collins digs in against the Trump-haters”


“There is no one, absolutely no one, in Congress who is more of a champion” for Trump, said former GOP Rep. Tom Reynolds, who, like Collins, represented suburban Buffalo and rural areas stretching east to Rochester. “It’s not just the state: I’ve known of members of Congress from other states who look to him for advice in trying to work through some issues.” MORE

“How will tax cuts affect 2018 midterms?”

“The Papadopoulos paradox: Could “coffee boy” be key to the whole conspiracy?”


“What a shame. Just as the Trump troops had finally come up with what they thought was a put-away shot of the Russia investigation (or at least a nice shiny distraction) with their “Clinton’s phony dossier started it all” plot, the damn thing blew up in their face. And during Christmas week too.” MORE