“Trump Is So Mentally Gone That His Lawyers Are Intentionally Lying To Him About The Russia Investigation”


“Carl Bernstein said that his White House sources are telling him that Trump’s lawyers are intentionally lying to him because he is out of control and they are trying to keep him from getting impeached for firing Mueller.” MORE

“House Democrat plans to force impeachment vote Wednesday”


“Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) says he intends to force a vote Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump, a move that Democratic leaders have long sought to fend off despite increasing agitation from a small faction of liberal members.

“I love my country,” Green wrote in a letter to colleagues on Tuesday. “For this reason, I will bring articles of impeachment to a vote in the House of Representatives.” MORE

“Retired Miner With Black Lung Begs EPA To Save Power Plant Rules: ‘We’re Literally Dying’


“In 2014, Stanley Sturgill traveled 1,300 miles from his home in Harlan County, Kentucky, to Denver, where the Environmental Protection Agency held one of four public hearings and 11 listening sessions on new rules to limit pollution from power plants. The retired coal miner ― diagnosed with black lung and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from his years toiling underground ― begged the agency for help: “We’re dying, literally dying for you to help us.” MORE


“Houston Faces Another Threat: Damaged Refineries Spewing Toxic Fumes”


“At least 10 refineries on the Texas coast have shut down. And whenever a refinery has to be closed or restarted, especially in emergency situations, its emissions far exceed what’s typically allowed.

“Upsets or sudden shutdowns can release large plumes of sulfur dioxide or toxic chemicals in just a few hours, exposing downwind communities to peak levels of pollution that are much more likely to trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory systems,” a 2012 study by the Environmental Integrity Project found.”  MORE

“Loneliness brings health risks for seniors”


“For the elderly, loneliness and isolation are real problems that affect physical health as well as emotional well-being. One study showed that in people over 60, loneliness is associated with a decline in normal daily activities and mobility. The same study revealed that nearly half of participants reported feeling lonely at least some of the time.

Why is this? For many seniors, their spouses may have passed away and their children are grown and have moved or are busy with their careers or their own children. Decreased mobility may also play a part, preventing older people from getting out and doing the activities they enjoyed in the past. The resulting depression can end up creating a downward spiral of health issues.”  MORE

“Trump Unfit To Be President? There’s A Fast Way To Get Rid Of Him.”


“WASHINGTON ― For those who watched President Donald Trump’s tirade in Phoenix Tuesday night and his angry news conference in New York a week earlier, and then recall his Twitter threats about nuclear weapons earlier this month, there is some good news: A president can be removed from office if his Cabinet deems him mentally unstable.

There is also bad news: The only person who can start that process, Vice President Mike Pence, has been loath to utter even a negative word about his boss.

And then there’s the worst news: Even a process that would effectively take the nuclear launch codes away from Trump far faster than impeachment ever could still may not be fast enough.”  MORE

“Carl Bernstein: This is the Trump story reporters need to cover”


“Republicans in Congress, the highest of intelligence officials, the highest of military officers in our country, leaders of the business community — all of whom have dealt with the White House, and many of them dealt personally with Donald Trump — have come to believe that he is unfit for the presidency,” Bernstein told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday.

He said those people are “raising the very question of his stability and his mental fitness.”  MORE

“New Cases of Human Plague Have Been Confirmed in New Mexico”


Mass of Yersinia pestis bacteria in the foregut of the flea vector. (Photo by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)

“Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”