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“Inside Trump’s last-ditch bid to avoid a health care disaster” Reply


Inside Trump’s last-ditch bid to avoid a health care disaster


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Ryan, Trump woo fringe by making cruel bill crueler.

“Trump, GOP struggle to find healthcare votes” Reply


House Republican leaders on Tuesday struggled to pick up votes for their ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill, even after President Trump visited Capitol Hill to sell the plan.

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Republican leaders plan a vote Thursday to repeal and replace much of Obamacare, optimistic that President Donald Trump can help them close the deal, multiple House Republican sources tell CNN.

Leaders continue to work toward the 216 votes needed to back the health care bill led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, and believe with some of the changes they are making they are securing additional support.

Friday morning, members of the Republican Study Committee — who have expressed serious doubts about the House’s health care bill — emerged from a meeting at the White House supportive.

“You’re looking at some of the top conservatives in the House,” he said. We stand united today to move this forward for the American people,” the chairman of the Republican Study Committee Mark Walker, R-North Carolina, told reporters Friday morning.

Trump said Friday he is “100% in favor” of the health care measure.

“I just want to let the world know I am 100% in favor and these folks — and they are tough and they love their constituents and they love their country — these folks were nos, mostly nos yesterday and now every single one is a yes,” the President said.

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