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America Needs “Big Government” to Stay on Top of the World!

Originally Posted 4/6/12

Joe Scarborough (@joeNBC) often champions “small government” and I believe that means something akin to states rights.  Joe forgets the state bankruptcies and misappropriation of Stimulus money by some states to balance their state budgets.  I once suggested to the President to do what Roosevelt did and excite and energize our workers with a WPA program of his own. The presidential candidates have got me down. Is this the level the best we have to seek public office?  Do the Republicans have to lower their standards and morals to get back into the Whitehouse? If we let them win, we could have another “TOP 1%” oriented government under which the poor and the middle-class would continue to decline. Barack Obama is our “Great White Hope.”  He champions and identifies with the poor and the middle-class.  He knows what it is to work! He welcomes support of unions and workers. Are you in?  Just like we won the last time, President Obama needs your small donations to his campaign. Did you that Mitt Romney is trying to copy Obama’s idea? So, it’s settled all of us (America) will vote for Barack Obama’s second term as the “Warrior for the Middle Class!”

Join Your Neighbors and Be a Foot Soldier Marching Behind Barack Obama!

On this morning’s “MorningJoe”, Joe had Rev. Al Sharpton as a guest and when RevAl mentioned that 5 million people may not be able to vote because of VOTER SUPPRESSION, Joe Scarborough poo pooed us, the poor, blacks, Latinos, the different. 5 million minorities may not be able to cast a vote in the next Presidential Elections because of a Republican War on the Middle-Class.  Shame on “MorningJoe!”

Spike Lee – MSNBC “Graveyard” with Ed Schultz

President Obama has saved/created

millions of jobs.


Even more millions of our workers need jobs!



Mayors for Obama


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