“These Gruesome-Sounding Injuries Are Rising As More People Groom Their Pubes” Reply


“Some people have a preference for keeping pubic hair natural, but others are all about removal. And as more and more people are grooming at home, they’re also inflicting a lot of gruesome-sounding injuries to some very sensitive areas.

The most common type of injury is laceration, or cuts, with burns coming in second, according to research just published in the American Medical Association journal JAMA Dermatology.”  MORE

“Trump’s Russia Troubles Grow As Congressional Investigators Want To Question His Secretary” Reply


“The investigations are hitting home for Trump. If he had nothing to do with the Russia scandal, why are investigators talking to his secretary? The answer is that despite Trump’s claims that the collision never happened, his secretary’s name was mentioned by the person setting up the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian representative.”  MORE

“Kellyanne Conway Dismisses Concerns That President Will Fire Special Counsel” Reply


Bipartisan bills have been introduced to discourage him from dismissing the man investigating his campaign.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller Reportedly Assembles Grand Jury, Ramping Up Russia Probe”


“Report Says U.S. Intelligence Agencies Heard Russian Officials Discussing Trump Team In 2015”


The report comes one day after Donald Trump Jr. released emails detailing plans for his meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer.

“Donald Trump Jr. Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Intel On Hillary Clinton: Report”


“Rachel Maddow Explosively Exposes How Republicans Are Trying To Stop The FBI Russia Investigation”


Rachel Maddow exposed how Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to stop the FBI’s investigation into Trump collusion with Russia through an effort to discredit the purpose of the investigation.

“Grassley, Graham want the FBI’s Russia surveillance warrants”


“MSNBC Is Growing 3 Times Faster Than Fox News As Americans Wake Up And Take Their Country Back”


As the American people get more engaged and look for factual news and information, they are increasingly turning to MSNBC as the Rachel Maddow led network is growing three times faster in total viewers than Fox News in primetime.

“Rachel Maddow Says Mike Pence’s Choice Of Legal Defense Is Proof That He’s Running Scared”


The fact that Mike Pence is now lawyering up suggests that, while he has largely flown under the radar with respect to the Russia scandal, he may have reason to worry after all.