“Republicans Think Trump Is Unstable, Trump Attacks Press Freedom: A Closer Look” Reply

“These Are The 21 States Russian Hackers Targeted In The 2016 Election”


“The Department of Homeland Security told told election officials in 21 states on Friday that Russian hackers attempted to access their voting systems in the 2016 election.

DHS contacted officials in all 50 states to tell them whether they had been targeted. The department declined to publicly name the 21 states hackers tried to breach.”  MORE

“Sean Spicer says he never lied when he made massive errors of fact”


“Sean Spicer, the former press secretary to President Donald Trump, is offering a series of half-hearted apologies for his mistakes as press secretary — although he insists he is not on an image rehabilitation tour.

On Thursday morning, the former White House spokesman appeared on “Good Morning America” to provide additional spin on why he’s been making the media rounds despite having lost his job roughly one month ago.

“I feel very good with my image,” Spicer told co-host Paula Faris. “I’m very happy with myself. I am able to go out and explain a lot of things now, but I’m not on a tour. I’m out having some fun.”  MORE

“Did Team Trump Reveal Their Middle Man to Moscow?: The Daily Show”


“Tagging fake news on Facebook doesn’t work, study says”


“Facebook touts its partnership with outside fact-checkers as a key prong in its fight against fake news, but a major new Yale University study finds that fact-checking and then tagging inaccurate news stories on social media doesn’t work.

The study, reported for the first time by POLITICO, found that tagging false news stories as “disputed by third party fact-checkers” has only a small impact on whether readers perceive their headlines as true. Overall, the existence of “disputed” tags made participants just 3.7 percentage points more likely to correctly judge headlines as false, the study said.” MORE

“Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar take turns embarrassing Sarah Huckabee Sanders on “The View”


“The View” co-hosts are fed up with the Trump administration’s lies, and it shows

“Chris Hayes Tears Apart GOP Rep For Refusing To Debunk Myth That Dreamers Steal Jobs”


“Once again, Trump is perpetuating an offensive lie and stirring up minority resentment to please his base, and GOP members of Congress are too spineless to reject it.” MORE

“Despite Trump’s Dig, The Media Did Go ‘Into The Winds’ Of Hurricane Harvey”


“The president praised the Coast Guard for “going into winds that the media would not go into…unless it’s a really good story.”  MORE

“Ivanka Trump’s latest sell-out is no surprise: Why would she stand up for workers now?”


Ivanka Trump claims to believe in equal pay for equal work. But deep down, she’s just like her dad

“Opinion: Trump’s Cult Are Carriers of Perilous Political Plague”


“Whether the subject is a nitwitted stare down with North Korea, a despicable health care proposal, an allegiance to White Supremacy or a political rally that espouses incomprehensible hate and anger, Donald Trump voters are bereft of common sense and free will in discussing his faults and failures. Their sickness is a stain on America, and it must be eradicated.”  MORE