Two Charts that Panic the GOP

Brian Beutler February 20, 2012, 4:52 AM 119991 930

“If Republicans seem spooked to you these days, here’s why.

“President Obama’s political comeback over the past several months aligns neatly with when he began more aggressively attacking the GOP and politicking for economic growth and equality back in September.

“But over that same stretch, the economy began moving in the right direction. Indicators of economic growth started moving upward, and the eye-popping indications of economic weakness started moving downward. That’s surely had an effect. And if the trends continue, it augurs very well for Obama in the general election.” [QUOTE: TPM]

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1. Drop Out Now, Romney!

Ouch. Despite a big cash advantage and frontrunner status, Mitt Romney managed only a third-place finish in last night’s primaries in Mississippi and Alabama—losing to Rick Santorum in both contests. Has the former governor gone from inevitable to unelectable? The Daily Beast’s Paul Begala on another sign that voters just don’t like Mitt. Plus, Howard Kurtz, Patricia Murphy, and more contributors weigh in on the results.

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Sam Stein wrote a new post Mitt Romney Primary Results: After Big Defeats He’s Left Only With Math

Sam Stein   March 14, 2012 at 12:12am

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney has always pitched himself as a numbers guy. His business background and balance-sheet savvy are cited as evidence of candidate well steeped in economic matters. His time…

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