Newt and Haley: Truculent?

Definition of TRUCULENT1: feeling or displaying ferocity : cruel, savage2: deadly, destructive3: scathingly harsh : vitriolic
4: aggressively self-assertive : belligerent— tru·cu·lent·ly adverb

via Truculent – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

‘Got Children?’ Why Risk Nuclear Meltdown at Home?

Parents, have you been following the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Those old workhorse power plants are/were 30 years old!  We have some just like them here in America.  Do you have children?  If they had a political voice they would demand that Congress hold hearings on the safety and preparedness for disaster in our many nuclear electric power plants.  You must speak for them. Write your US Senator and US Representative and demand hearings on this vital issue.  You know how slow they are to act. PUSH THEIR BUTTONS!

Also, do you live near a nuclear power plant?  Prepared for a disaster? Do you have water, food and over-the-counter medication stockpiled for emergencies?  Does your town have a mass evacuation plan?  Do you know what to do? New York City is 50 miles from a nuclear power plant. I shudder to think about the calamity that would ensue if Mayor Bloomberg ever had to evacuate that city!

Happy Birthday, Contessa!

Contessa Brewer
Born March 16, 1974


Why Don’t We Revere Teachers?

There was a time when I was in school. I had some forward thinking teachers who widened my horizons which helped prepare me for a racially integrated workplace as well as social life.  However, I did have some poor teachers. [I refuse to call them “bad.”]  I recall a Ms “A” who was partially deaf.  The kids made fun of her and told jokes throughout the class which she, of course, could not hear.  She had great difficulty understanding our replies to her which we wondered if she was really hearing and understanding… or just faking it.  This was in the 50s in the South in an enlightened state. Ms. “A” was an older woman.  We kids believed that the school looked the other way because they wanted her to earn her pension.

In the black community in the 50s and 60s the teacher and the minister were our leading citizens.  I cannot speak for the contemporaneous white culture.  Economically, teachers, then, were financially superior.  Today, I read that is not the case.  Teachers have had to band together in unions to fight for fair wages and benefits. The system that has evolved did not emphasize the growth of a teacher as a professional technician of the educational craft.  Highly motivated teachers did go on to masters and doctorate degrees.  Some continued their education in other ways while teaching.  But salaries have not kept up.  Society does not revere school teachers as the molders of our economic and cultural future.  Both parents are working these days.  Who has time to get involved in the classroom? Do they still have P.T.A. meetings in our local schools? How much are taxpayer -parents involved in the school board meetings?  If not, how can we know how important teachers are?

Republicans are willing to make cuts in education to “balance the budget.”  This is ludicrous!  What are they thinking?  Do the rich want to dumb-down young America to provide an uneducated workforce that cannot command even increases in the minimum wage…to maximize corporate profits?  The business community should be invested heavily in our local schools. Schools should be teaching with the aim of preparing for real jobs in the future workplace.  I remember that when I went to school there were two high schools for blacks.  One had the foresight in the 50s and 60s to offer a curriculum that included painting, carpentry and auto mechanics.  As a teenager I agreed with the educational concept of immersing the student in one subject that would lead to a definite career.  That would have served me well.  I ended up going to college and getting a liberal arts degree which got me a little extra in wages in my first and entry-level job in New York.

I think that one our problems is that society no longer puts a premium on knowledge. Knowing things!  Skills which once learned are the basis for happy and successful families.  So many people were willing for our automobile industry to fail.  And, who sold American TV technology to Japan and later, IBM sold it’s PC business to China.  Have you called customer service lately?  It’s rare to get a domestic help center.

Secretary Arne Duncan is thought of as a good man. Mr. Secretary, we need a revolution in education.  Only a revolution can lead to a rise in our math and science scores on tests.  Only a revolution will show the world that we are dominant.  And, Mr. Secretary, for that WE NEED GOOD TEACHERS. And we taxpayers have to be eager to reward these teachers with professional wages and esteem.  This revolution may not be realized in my lifetime, but, the Obama administration can “throw the tea into Boston Harbor.”  Instead of fighting our teachers unions, we should boost them up and reward the best teachers.  Our future demands it!

Nuclear Option? Let’s Go Slowly…

Over the weekend, Sen. Joseph Lieberman cautioned that we should put the brakes on new nuclear plants until we know all the fallout [no pun intended] from the current Japanese nuclear disasters.  I agree.  The federal government should review the nuclear power plants in California to see if the likelihood of 8+ earthquakes [and any tsunami] and do what-if scenarios to see just how prepared we are for nuclear disasters.  I think it’s just a part of national security.


Rupert Murdoch, owner, FoxNews


FoxNews…the last word?


Muslims Are US(A)


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Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chairman, Homeland Security Committee






(O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O0 (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O)

In terms of political ideology, almost one half (49%) of American Muslims identify themselves as Democrats, while 37% are independents and 8% are Republican. The study also found that 79% of American Muslims preferred Barack Obama over John McCain, constituting the highest percentage of faith groups polled to favor the Democratic ticket. However, only 64% of American Muslims are registered to vote, being the lowest percentage among the other religious groups polled. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE.

Abe Lincoln Speaks to Gov. Scott Walker


Wisconsin's Infamous Gov. Scott Walker

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

Let’s Take America Back! 1

These days you hear everyone and their brother saying, “I want my country back.”  I suppose this concept means different things to each of us. I look at our country and see people suffering with inequality and inequity in opportunity and voice in our political system.  I write to my republican legislators and sometimes get a courteous rejection.  I don’t get to see the traffic in and out of their offices by lobbyists.  Why do we pay farmers NOT to grow food?  Why do we give subsidies to oil companies who rack in huge profits with little in the way of expenses?  Why does our government do nothing about officials who engage in illegal activities like torture and contravention of the Geneva Convention? Why does Congress only talk about campaign reform while they take fistfuls of cash from every interest group that works to maintain the status quo?

Bound for The Hill

How does K Street work, anyway?  Do they wheel the money into congressional offices in wheelbarrows? Lobbyists are vipers at the breast.  They work in government to establish contacts and a reputation.  Then they “lobby” Congress, even writing laws for our representatives.  In this blog I have encouraged you to write to your legislators in Congress. But, what do they do with our letters and phone calls?  How much impact does discussion in town halls back home make when it comes time for a vote? I want my country back. Back from those who wield more power at the seat of government than the people!  To take America back need new leaders who will stand for reforming “the system,” even it means they will not be re-elected.  There’s honor in serving one term and leaving one’s mark on government reform. Yes, I know that would make for a short career.  Who will take one for the team?