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Adolf Hitler, Evil and Master of “The Big Lie”



  1. Wikipedia quotes The Fuehrer: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”.  My sociology teacher, Miss Ross taught me “The Big Lie.”  She said, “If you tell an outrageous lie over and over and over…people will begin to believe it.”  This is what happened in Germany.  Hitler and his regime falsely blamed the Jews for Germany’s economy woes.  They told that lie over and over until there were concentration camps and extermination. While browsing on YouTube this supporter of Keith Olbermann found the following videos on FoxNews which might have escaped your attention. I found them shocking!
  2. Some people get their news from balanced sources. Some watch Fox.
    I wonder if the viewers of Fox News know the difference.
  3. The President has called for a season of civility in politics. I am not in politics but apologize for presenting a sensitive subject.

Afghanistan: “Bring the Boys Home” 1

Mr. President, President Bush, “W”, left you two poorly managed wars.  He went on to write a memoir and he thinks history will be kind to him. 😦  It is admirable that you want to end Bush’s wars with conventional victories. You brought the troops out of Iraq and left a group of trainers.  Now Iraq has a functioning government and they have asked us to leave their country. Iraq had a history of being a modern day country, unlike Afghanistan which is a collection of waring tribes who live in another century.  For years we have been helping them with nation building which we deny officially.  It was the height of arrogance that President Bush thought we could do what Alexander, the Great, could not do,         et als. It is time. The generals have had enough of waring…and our boys need a rest after so many tours of duty. Sir, bring them home.  You just sent 1400 marines over.  The ratio of our numbers versus their numbers is hard to fathom.  After all these years in Afghanistan how many safe, fully functing cities have we created? How are we doing winning “the hearts and minds of the AFghans? The American people see no virtue in our continuing this war.  We just cannot solve all the problems of the world even though we are an “exceptional nation.” Bring the boys home.  Order General Patraeus to come up with an exit strategy that we can accomplish this year. Yes, this year.  We thought we had a loyal and credible partner in President Karzai, but, recent events show the contrary. If Karzai is ever to govern, let him begin now!

It was so satisfying to watch our troops on TV as they withdrew from Iraq without incident.  We left and “the world didn’t come to an end.”  Let’s leave Afghanistan! Of course that means we will need even more jobs for those men and women when their service ends. 😦  But, we must do what Freda Payne sings, “Bring the Boys Home.”

Oh, For a Gentler NRA


No one wants to touch your guns, but, as the Tucson Massacre has taught us:  We do not need a pistol magazine clip that holds 30 bullets.

May We Count on You?

Will you work with Congress to outlaw these “high-capacity” magazines?

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy has dedicated her service in Congress to reducing high-capacity magazines.  She just introduced a bill to ban them. Colin Ferguson used one of these magazines when he murdered the Congressman’s husband and injured her son.

Ed Schultz, Radio Host and Host of "The Ed Show" on MSNBC

Ed Schultz of the “Edshow” on MSNBC has come out supporting the Congressman’s ban saying that he is the owner of several guns and is an avid hunter.  He can see sportsmen don’t need high-capacity magazines to enjoy hunting and recreation.
Any legislation that abridges gun rights, control or ownership has no chance of becoming law without cooperation from the NRA. That’s just a fact!  We need grassroots gun owners to come out and back this proposal.  Write to your US Senator or US Representative to give your support to ban high-capacity magazines. SUPPORT THE BAN ON HIGH- CAPACITY MAGAZINES introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.

No Stinkin' 31 Bullets Needed to Bring This Deer Down!

Eric Cantor, “Why Did He Become a Congressman?”

GOP Leader, Eric Cantor, has a constituent, “J.M.”, who wonders why he became a congressman.  She said as much on the @EDSHOW yesterday. Eric Cantor’s bio shows a lot of highfalutin political accomplishments, but, no service to the people, the common man, the poor.  No wonder at an early age he chose an intern job with a republican.  From there he quickly scaled the political ladder to success as GOP Leader.  With his matinée idol looks perhaps Eric should have pursued a career in Hollywood where his callous attitude would not hurt good people who look to government to help solve their problems…problems that an individual cannot solve…the kind of problems of the oppressed that are the mission of the Democratic Party.

As the republican two-day stunt ended, Rep. Cantor made a sad appeal to Senate Majority Leader to let the bill receive consideration.  Senator Harry Reid has made it plainly clear that this repeal of the President’s signature accomplishment will go that graveyard where over 400 bills from the House went in the last Congress. Yes, 400 bills! WHERE WAS ERIC CANTOR’S VOICE THEN? Republicans in the Senate used their power to effectively kill hundreds of hours of good work for the people: a waste!  This was a shocking example of just how connected Eric Cantor is to his district, IMHO. NOTE: On Nov. 2, 2010, Cantor told Wolf Blitzer of CNN that he would try to trim the federal deficit by reducing welfare. This is textbook republican outlook on the future of poor people in America and government’s role in serving humanity.

Do your district leaders in Congress know how you feel on issues of the day?  It is easy to write them.

Republicans Out of Ideas..Offer Repeal Only?

"Dog and Pony Show"

Full Disclosure: I did not watch C-Span yesterday, but, I watched MSNBC all day.  I learned that the republicans are putting on a dog and pony show to go through the motions of keeping a campaign promise to the Tea Party.  Who do they think they are fooling?  Republicans want to repeal the most significant legislation won by the administration just because it helps President Obama in 2012.  The American people are comforted by having their children up to 26 years of age on their insurance plans.  Americans like having the federal government prevent rich insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions.  The republicans will probably vote today to take away all that we have gained in healthcare reform, a/k/a “Obamacare.”  elsewhere on this site you have read:
8 January 2011 by goodolewoody on GoodOleWoody’s Blog
…  that repealing “Obamacare” would add to the Deficit. He says, “That’s their opinion.” Opinion? The CBO is …  OBAMACARE: REDUCES DEFICIT BY $143 BILLION OVER 9 YEARS REPEALING OBAMACARE:ADDS $1.3 TRILLION TO DEFICIT OVER 20 YEARS (Source: Dylan Ratigan …)
Who would benefit from repeal of healthcare reform? THE RICH INSURANCE COMPANIES who fund the Republican Party. You will recall that the US Supreme Court has unleashed the flood waters of money to republicans without limit, it seems. [Case: Citizens United] Democrats fund their campaigns that champion the common man with gifts of $5 here and $25 there.  The power concentrated in this country is anti-middle-class and more.
I wonder how much how much the republicans are spending on this “debate” and vote?  It’s pure waste because this bill will never see the light of day in the US Senate like the 400 bills we sent from The House to The Senate during the last congress.  Note: President Obama would be the final check on this folly.  Beginning Thursday Speaker Boehner should begin working on the economy and jobs which are the most pressing issues today.
Does your senator and representative know your opinions on today’s issues?  If not, go to this website.

Sargent Shriver, Great American!

Sargent Shriver

Sargent Shriver


Obama, Boehner,Cantor: Get Along!

Hey, Mr. President, Mr. Speaker & Mr. Leader: GET ALONG!!!

President Obama, Speaker Boehner and GOP Leader, Cantor

State of the Union Address

You are cordially invited to view the US House of Representatives on January 25, 2011,  6:00pm ET, the Annual State of the Union Address by President Barack H. Obama. [Check local TV listings]  Last year’s address was powerful and provoking.  Can this year’s address top the last one?  Pray for the President of the of the United States of America. Pray for the leader of all the people.

Play “America, the Beautiful”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday



South Carolina’s Shame

South Carolina State Flag

Remember the Civil War? (It wasn’t very civil. Was it?) South Carolina started that war by succeeding from The Union in the 1800s over enslavement of blacks. In 2009 South Carolina (represented by Rep. Joe Wilson) insulted our first black President in the well of the US House of Representatives by calling him a liar.  The anniversary of that shame will occur soon. Will South Carolina insult the President again?

Rep. Joe Wilson of SC

Rep. Wilson was in the news recently in a positive way.  Thank you, Congressman, for doing the right thing.