Naked Man Claiming to Be a Descendent of Sasquatch Attacks Hunter


A naked man claiming that he came from a long family line of Sasquatches attacked a hunter in rural Washington County, Oregon on Thursday.

Jeff McDonald is not an avid hunter, according to his daughter, and after what he experienced on Thursday it’s unlikely that he will be out in the forest any time soon. The 58-year old McDonald was in the woods behind his house when the naked 20-year old son of his neighbor attacked him with a rock while making Sasquatch references.

(MORE: Bigfoot Is Part Human, and Here Are the DNA Tests to Prove It, Claims Researcher)

McDonald reportedly spotted a naked man near his all-terrain vehicle on Thursday morning, Sgt. Bob Ray, a sheriff’s office spokesman, told The Oregonian. The naked man attacked, hitting the hunter repeatedly in the head with an apple-sized rock, according to local news outlet KATU

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Kabul Gets an All-Male Water Park


The men of Kabul have found a way to splash around without having to look at women in bathing suits.

A new $5 million all-male water park has a pool, water slides, and a wave pool, right in the center of Kabul, Reuters reports. Visitors have to pass armed guards and a body search at the door, but after that can play to their heart’s content.

Men can bring female children to the park, as long as they’re under 10 years old. A separate area is set aside where boys and girls can swim together.



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Rabbis’ alleged divorce torture gang

CNN Newsroom

Blu Greenberg, founder of Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance came on the show to talk about this case out of New York. Watch to see exactly what the FBI is alleging these Rabbis did.

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DNA Test Helps Man Find Family After 80 Years

Giffords to Attend Gun Show Under NY Sales Model





New King James Version



Shun Evil Counsel ] My son, hear the instruction of your father, And do not forsake the law of your mother; For they will be a graceful ornament on your head, And chains about your neck.

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