I Am Tasha’s Uterus

Look at me.  I am the powerful and holy birthplace of the human race.  Your children come from me. All of them, whether they become clerks or garbage men  in the lower and middle classes, or wheelers and dealers on Wall Street.  The powerful leaders of our nation begin in me.  More than anything, republicans want to control me which is tantamount to controlling women.  White men in The Congress of both houses are a majority that wants to legislate and regulate the sexual and reproductive health of women’s bodies.
Currently, republicans want to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood even though the Hyde Amendment prevents any federal funds from being used for abortions.  Planned Parenthood has cleaved itself into two organizations to satisfy The Congress.  One organization does health services like cervical screenings and the other abortions.  There is no co-mingling of their monies. Yet, Congress has it in their collective crop to destroy Planned Parenthood!

Providing Trusted Community Health Care

Planned Parenthood is America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care. Our skilled health care professionals are dedicated to offering men, women, and teens high-quality, affordable medical care. One in five American women has chosen Planned Parenthood for health care at least once in her life. [Planned Parenthood]

Who receives services from Planned Parenthood? In large part, minority women! They are women who have had at least one child and make the decision that the family economy will not permit another child, another mouth to feed. At Planned Parenthood men and women can select from a comprehensive program of services.  Are the men in Congress afraid of the uterus? Sex?  Which of the following services threatens them the most?

* Abortion
* Birth Control
* Body Image
* Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)
* General Health Care
* Men’s Sexual Health
* Pregnancy
* Relationships
* Sex & Sexuality
* Sexual Orientation & Gender
* Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
* Women’s Health

Yes, the list of services IS comprehensive.  Except for abortion, the men of The Congress should surely have no problem with Planned Parenthood.  Tasha’s Uterus is being attacked for false reasons.  Women’s bodies are not the province of men in The Congress.  Men, you have exercised your power of the purse when it comes to abortion.  That is settled law, I believe.  Don’t deny economically challenged women the services of Planned Parenthood (outside of abortion).  These minority women are your constituents and pose no threat to you. Planned Parenthood even has services for those who have a penis.

Even As a Plush Toy, the Uterus Is No Threat to Men



Donald Trump, Now Infamous?

We all know “The Donald” if we watch TV. Donald J. Trump is a celebrity.  He owns (owned?) casinos and runs beauty pageants. He owns a real estate empire. Donald is smart and rich. He was educated at the Wharton School. He is NYC’s most famous citizen. When the City couldn’t build a skating rink, Donald built it in record time. The gleaming, golden Trump Tower is a monument to Mr. Trump.


Famous: Definition: a : widely known b : honored for achievement


Infamous: Definition: causing or bringing infamy : disgraceful <an infamous crime>


On the day our President announced his bid for re-election the Republicans announced THAT THEY WANT TO KILL MEDICARE. In 10 years they want to give you a VOUCHER to use toward a health insurance policy…which you won’t be able to get because of your age or pre-existing conditions.  Today. how do you pay the doctor or hospital when you get sick?  Do you have one of these cards?

Do you hope to get one of these cards when you reach 65?  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) wants you  to fend for yourself when you reach your “golden years”. You are in the same boat if you are disabled and receive Social Security.  Just who advocates for the disabled absent a family member?  Not every disabled person has someone to care for their affairs. Republicans want to put you at the mercy of the insurance industry which contributes heavily to their republican election campaigns.  Republicans want to protect the insurance industry from the high medical bills of the elderly.  They want to shut you up and shut you out!  You won’t ever need a “death panel” because you will die without Medicare! Republicans must be stopped.  Right now, while you are seated at your computer, write to your federal senator and representative and tell them “HANDS OFF MEDICARE!”

Republicans, do the right thing and raise the taxes of the rich which would solve the deficit through shared sacrifice. Yes, the middle-class does not mind paying its fair share, but,

Paul Ryan, GOP Budget Chairman

your proposals punish the poor, the unemployed and the working-poor.  Throughout history the peasants and serfs and slaves had no advocacy. Skilled workers eventually saw the wisdom of banding together in trade unions to improve their lot. Hundreds of years later, our Republicans have mounted attacks on our unions who use their power to advocate for us, the poor and the middle-class. Republicans are not satisfied that they get the lion’s share of campaign contributions… thanks to the US Supreme Court which they control. Witness Citizens United! Republicans are systematically dismantling every vestige of democracy that favors us, the real Americans who built this nation by the sweat of our brow toiling in the fields and sweat shops of the rich.  The rich, who feel they can never have enough money, have sent our jobs overseas (to maximize their profits). They try to give themselves sole political power in the nation. They seek to legally control the assets of our government.  As such, they can legally sell these assets off at prices that benefit their fellow rich friends.  Republicans are under the radar while they attempt to take away the voting power of your college age children who would probably vote for Democrats.  On a daily basis you read in your local newspapers how the Republicans wage their war to take away your workplace protections that unions afford.

Many of you are now suffering from BUYERS’ REMORSE. Last November you voted for Republicans because the “Change You Can Believe In” was coming too slowly. [I learned as a freshman in college that social change is the slowest change of all.] In the four months since the mid-term election you have seen the political ugliness that Republican governors are collectively displaying on our TV screens and newspapers.  You wonder, “What can I do now?”  You can fight! Sign the petitions that RECALL Republican office holders at the state level who promote union busting.  The movement began with the infamous governor in Wisconsin and continues in Ohio, Florida et alsJoin Common Cause. Donate as little as $3 to Progressive Change Campaign Committee. I know that now you are anxious to vote to redress the November Election. Join the re-election campaign of Barack Obama.  Yes, you can re-claim America. YOU *CAN* TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!



Japan’s Playing for Time!

Have you been following the tragic saga in Japan? Earthquake!  Tsunami! Radiation crisis at nuclear plant! Information coming out of Japan was slow to come out because of the Japanese culture which calls for telling the people only what they “need” to know.  The truth about the conditions at the several reactors has come out because Japan the rest of the world intervened to give aid and news coverage.  Some of the information released  made previous reports untrue or corrected information.  Various experts on American TV have been giving their opinions on how Japan should solve the problems at the Fukushima electrical plant. This process has gone on a long time and a permanent solution will take a long time.  The problem is how to effect repairs when radiation levels near the reactors are too high.  In order to cool the reactors sea water has been pumped in. The salt in that water corrodes the metal rods used to produce energy.

My understanding is that once you introduce salt water into a nuclear reactor it is thereby rendered no longer viable.  Yet, I hear nothing in news reports about the Japanese efforts to shut down these plants permanently.  Yes, they have to solve the cooling problem first.  I wonder if that can be made permanent.  Is the final solution to bury the plant in cement? Are the Japanese playing for time?  It surprises me that Japan, the third largest economy in the world, is using this 30-year-old technology!  They lead the world in electronic innovation.  Why did they not pursue new technology in producing electricity?  We, in America, have a few new nuclear plants on hold. The federal government has ordered a review of our plants to ensure that they can withstand an earthquake.

On Tuesday, March 30, the situation in Japan got so bad that the government issued a MAXIMUM ALERT!

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Speaker Boehner…Then (November 2010)


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Michele Bachmann, Welfare Queen

I read this on the INTERNET and just had to share with you…verbatim. [Thanks to the author and website.]

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by The River Wanders

No, the triple-dip isn’t a fancy gymnastic move; it’s a financial manuever. Although she repeatedly decries “Big Government,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has found a way to get three sources of income from the very government she despises.

First, there’s a paycheck from her job as Congressional representative in Minnesota’s 6th district – remember, she hates big government but chooses to be a part of it.

Second, she collects over $200k in farm subsidies for her family’s agriculture operation – again, please remember how much she hates the way government takes care of people (she’s a big proponent of “repealing” the health care bill).

Third, in yet another family business – Bachmann and Associates, Inc., a Christian counseling service – Bachmann has claimed nearly another $30k in “big government” payouts. And never mind that annoying separation of church-and-state detail; that doesn’t apply to the Bachmanns. The representative’s husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, has announced publicly on several occasions that the counseling facility is strongly Christian-centered and that “Jesus Christ is the Almighty Counselor.” Counselors employed by the facility are also members of the clergy.

If Michele Bachmann hates government, why does she work so hard to be a part of it? And why doesn’t she step out of the “government handout line” instead of staying in and keeping her hand out?

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents…pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Rachel Maddow
Born April 1, 1973



Well, I guess it had to happen: After making herself the spokeswoman of the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann is now leader of the House Tea Party Caucus. Days ago, she announced an exploratory group to consider running for President. Seems she’s able to run for office but NOT represent the needs of her district which leads the nation in foreclosures. Mrs. Bachmann votes against every piece of legislation that would help her people. She’s the all mouth negative voice we hear on TV railing against this and that.  How is she qualified to be President?  What are her POSITIVE achievements?  None?

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