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Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama hold that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the United States Constitution. Proponents of these theories are often known as birthers.

Some of these conspiracy theories allege that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, or that his birth certificate is a forgery. Others allege that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia and lost his United States citizenship, or that because he had dual citizenship at birth (British and American), he cannot be a natural born citizen of the United States.[Wikipedia]

Mr. Trump, this birther thing did not start a week as you said on TV today.  And, when  you started the recent conversation about your running for President, your basis was your anger at China and how they were screwing The United States.  You talked about having dealt with them in business and witnessing them laughing at us while delivering the puck![SIC]  You said, that if you were to become President, you would change that, that you would ‘restore America to its number one status in the world.’  IT SOUNDED VERY GOOD! Of course, I was disappointed that you choose to ally yourself with the Grand Old Party for you would be a breath of fresh air. A President Trump would be all about business and, finally JOBS! Then you swallowed the Washington, DC Kool-Aid and became a birther.  You rant how smart you are and how unfair are the characterizations of birthers as having low intelligence.  Wow!  A “very smart man, a very rich man” and the birther movement. What a perfect setup!  What a sleazy ticket to the Whitehouse.  I am sorely disappointed in you. I held you in higher regard.  Any message you now give to potential voters will be tinged with the slobber of birther-ism.  Some think you are in this to embroider your super public image.  Some people are so hungry and fearful of the rent man, that they would latch on to any log floating down the river of discontent. Donald, Mr. Trump, do what you do best: BE DONALD J. TRUMP!


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Minority Population to Become Majority by 2050!

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Dr. King's Dream Will Be Realized!

This morning CNN announced that by the year 2050 racial minorities will outnumber whites. Hispanics and Asians tie as the fastest growing segment in the population.  America’s wealth is overwhelmingly concentrated in a small percentage of whites (Republicans?) who use the power that money brings to remain the dominant force in politics, law, culture, etc. I wonder if this is why the US Supreme Court ruled in the favor of rich whites in Citizens United. You will remember that that court case made corporations “people” and gave them a louder voice in our politics than human beings. I wonder if the fear of minorities in the majority is behind the republicans’ campaign to bust labor unions (the power base of the democrats) and the effort to disenfranchise young, college-age voters. It seems to me that various white groups have banded together in an attempt to keep America white! No, this is not an anti-white race piece.  However, as a sentient being, I must ask these questions.

Campaign finance is back in the news. “On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in McComish v. Bennett, a case from Arizona in which those wealthy opponents and outside groups have complained that this additional spending violates their First Amendment rights. And once again, just a year after the court in Citizens United turned on the corporate-money spigot by allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections (and the FEC allowed corporations to hide much of their donations), the court appears poised to side with the wealthy in a campaign finance case.” [Slate]

It is alarming that republican governors throughout the nation are attempting to bust teachers unions, cut educational budgets, close schools and give themselves seemingly unconstitutional emergency powers.  Witness Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin!  Some republican governors want the power to solely abolish towns and sell off their assets at prices they, the governors, determine. Democracy, where have you gone?

As we push toward the 2012 Presidential Election, it behooves the Democratic Party to save America from a scary, unfair, inequitable and dangerous future. As leader of the Party, President Obama must steel himself with the persona he had as candidate Obama and gird his loins with skills at organizing voters to win across the board in 2012!  Mr. President the time to begin the struggle is now. Republicans are organized and are making gains that we must destroy. Your focus must be as many laser beams carving out electoral victories that keep the states we won in 2008 and tip red and purple states to our side.  At the same time you must find the solution(s) that improve the economy and get the business community developing domestic industry and training and hiring on a large-scale.  Would that I had the answers. But, God called you, Mr. President. He made you our leader and inspiration.  We, all the American people, stand behind you in all that you do. Let us congeal our separate will into a dramatic and effective force for good.  That is how I see it.  We continue in the eternal battle of good versus evil. No. Republicans are not evil. But, they are taking us down the wrong path as a nation.  May God show them the light!

Blood Brothers (As It Were) in Libya

Blood Brothers, As It Were, in Libya


Much is being said about President Obama’s decision to intervene in the civil war in Libya.  One can sympathize with his predicament: Col. Gaddafi declared he would commit mass murder when he took the last town held by the rebels opposing him.  How could idealist and Christian America let that happen?  These people want to remove from power a man hated by many in this country.  Gaddafi is responsible for the Pan Am bombing and welcomed the bomber as a hero when he was released in exchange for an oil contract, I believe. Gaddafi spilled American blood and that makes him our enemy.  We share the rebels’ passion for removing this despot from power and perhaps harming him.  We are blood brothers.

I hope President Obama’s plan for Libya is more complex than he has outlined.  He has 60 days before he owes an explanation to Congress.  In the meantime there are reports that lead one to believe the rebels are unprepared for this civil war and need more help than a No-Fly Zone.  From where will this help come?  Secretary Clinton has been silent since her meeting with the Allies in Paris.  She has said that she has been in contact with rebel leaders.  These rebels need advisers at a minimum…and military hardware.  And, if they make it to Tripoli and kill Gaddafi, what then?  We have heard no one mention the “D” word (democracy) in the glimpses of the rebels on TV.  If they are very unprepared for this civil war, what hope is there for their being able to govern?

Note: Secretary Clinton has appeared on TV since this blog entry was written.  She appeared on “Meet the Press” with Secretary Gates yesterday.

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Media, Thanks for Ignoring Bachmann…this time!

Michele Bachman (R-MN) is notorious for her claim that many in Congress are anti-American.  What a curious statement.  If one hates and “detests America,” why would one go through unnerving process of raising millions of campaign dollars, eating hundreds of chicken dinners and kissing many crying babies…all to get a government job?  So many Americans have jobs they hate without such elaborate measures. But, Ms. Bachmann feels that the media should do an expose on Congress and expose the anti-American legislators. Yeah, like Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunt!  When interviewed at the time, Ms. Bachmann groups liberals and leftists in an implication of being anti-American.  Pressed for a categorical denunciation, Ms. Bachmann launched into her usual diatribe. Watch! [Fortunate for us, the media has engaged in no such witch-hunt.]


Speaker Boehner, Where Are the Jobs?





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President Obama

Mr. President, you have thrown down the gauntlet.  You said that Kaddafi must leave office and then undertook a military operation in his civil war favoring the opposition. The world is watching. All of your power must be focused on removing this hated dictator from office.


Col. Kaddafi

Mrs. Palin Goes Rogue in India

Although her poll numbers are dismal, Sarah Palin just gave a speech in India on American politics.  While doing so, she mentioned the cardinal rule of not criticizing the President while he is on foreign soil and, then, proceeded to accuse President Obama of “dithering.”  Is she serious about politics or about keeping herself in the spotlight?

I heard a popular talk show host opine that Mrs. Palin has yet to do her homework and study history, government, politics and foreign policy to become more legitimate as a presidential candidate.  As it is, she is still in the public consciousness as the infamous victim of Katie Couric who outed Mrs. Palin as one who does not read leading periodicals, etc. Books?  The American people hold Mrs. Palin in such low regard that in a recent poll Charlie Sheen beat her badly.  For awhile it seemed that President Obama would run without republican opposition. GOP candidates are slowly beginning  to “explore” running for the 2012 Election.  We look forward to getting to know them.

Happy Birthday, Cenk!

Cenk Uygur
Born March 21, 1970


Peek at Energy: 300 Seconds

Without warning three catastrophes have visited Japan that have energy on the minds of the world. Civilization, as we know it, cannot run without fossil fuels. It took billions of years to create them.  Look at this marvelous video that shows 300 YEARS OF FOSSIL FUELS IN 300 SECONDS: