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“Sarah Huckabee Sanders battles reporters over fake news: “I’m not done!”


“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders promoted one of President Donald Trump’s favorite themes at a press conference on Monday — namely, that the media which makes any reporting mistakes should simply not be trusted.

“There’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposefully misleading the American people, something that happens regularly,” Sanders told reporters at the White House press briefing. “You can’t say that it’s an honest mistake when you’re purposefully putting out information that you know to be false. Or when you’re taking information that hasn’t been validated, that hasn’t been offered any credibility, and that has been continually denied by a number of people, including people with direct knowledge of an instance.”

She added, “I’m speaking about the number of reports that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. I’m simply stating that there should be a certain level of responsibility in that process.”

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders botched Civil War history, and an expert corrected her”


“The White House has been in overdrive over the last few days. In between the growing number of investigations over the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia — that’s starting to remind people of the Watergate controversy — the administration has been trying to get out of their own way when it comes to Civil War history.

On Tuesday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that “many historians” thought that a “failure to compromise was a cause of the Civil War.”

But filmmaker Ken Burns, who directed a critically acclaimed documentary film about the war, disagreed. The Civil War was caused by slavery, he said.” MORE

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