“Tweet new year: Trump launches barrage of taunts and threats”


“President Donald Trump used his first full work day in 2018 to rekindle one of his favorite political pastimes from 2017: throwing haymakers on Twitter.

The president returned to his full combative form Tuesday after arriving in Washington the day prior from a holiday stay in Mar-a-Lago, taunting news outlets with the prospect of awarding them for their “dishonest & corrupt” coverage, threatening on social media to curb U.S. aid to Palestinians, calling for the jailing of former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and publicly competing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the size of their nuclear buttons.” MORE

“The social media ads Russia wanted Americans to see”


“Russian accounts bought thousands of social media ads on hot-button U.S. issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to illegal immigration, according to a batch of the ads released Wednesday by members of the House intelligence panel.” MORE

“Hillary Clinton Tells Trump To ‘Get Over The Twitter Stuff’ And Start Being Commander-In-Chief”


Clinton laid out a rational plan to solve the North Korea threat and said Trump is being “played” by Kim Jong-un.

“Tagging fake news on Facebook doesn’t work, study says”


“Facebook touts its partnership with outside fact-checkers as a key prong in its fight against fake news, but a major new Yale University study finds that fact-checking and then tagging inaccurate news stories on social media doesn’t work.

The study, reported for the first time by POLITICO, found that tagging false news stories as “disputed by third party fact-checkers” has only a small impact on whether readers perceive their headlines as true. Overall, the existence of “disputed” tags made participants just 3.7 percentage points more likely to correctly judge headlines as false, the study said.” MORE

“Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: So You Want to Be President …”


Unsolicited advice for the Facebook CEO.

“Trump confirms secret CIA operation in Syria on Twitter”


The president denounced details of a Washington Post story, seemingly acknowledging classified intelligence in the process.

“Congressman introduces “COVFEFE Act” to hold Trump’s Tweets Accountable”


Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL) trolls Trump and uses his fake word against him by unleashing a new COVFEFE act which will document and archive a president’s social media activity.


“Trump May Live Tweet His Nervous Breakdown In Real Time During Comey Testimony”


White House sources told Robert Costa that President Trump may live tweet during Comey’s Thursday Senate testimony if he feels the need to respond.