Tax cut

“How will tax cuts affect 2018 midterms?”

“Fox Business host declares war on Trump’s tax plan: “I’m disgusted with our government right now”


“Donald Trump’s tax plan is historically unpopular. Nevertheless, Republicans are on the precipice of passing the first major restructuring of the American tax code in thirty years thanks to one-party control of Congress and a relative lack of public outrage. The president will likely end his first year in office with a major tax cut for corporations as his only domestic achievement — and at least one host on his favorite television channel is not impressed.” MORE

“The GOP Gives America’s Neediest Millionaires a Tax Break: The Daily Show”

“Tax reform: 9 key players and how they could stop the bill”


“Republicans are just a few steps away from accomplishing a decades-long dream — overhauling the tax code. But with the Senate hoping to vote on its tax bill in just days, at least nine Republicans may still need convincing about their party’s proposal.” MORE

“Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Poor: Tax Hikes: The Daily Show”



“Ben Carson’s public housing plan would be crippled if the GOP’s tax bill passes”


“The GOP’s tax bill would severely curtail its own administration’s plan to solve the country’s $49 billion backlog of public housing repairs. That estimate doesn’t include repairs related to damage from the recent hurricanes — repairs that could also face serious slowdowns if the House GOP’s plan passes.” MORE

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