“Trump’s electoral threat against Sen. Claire McCaskill raises legal questions”


“We must — we have no choice — we must lower our taxes. And your senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you, and if she doesn’t do it for you, you have to vote her out of office,” Trump said to loud applause and whistling from the audience. “She’s got to make that commitment. She’s got to make that commitment. If she doesn’t do it — we just can’t do this anymore with the obstruction and the obstructionists.”  MORE

“Trump White House quietly courts Democrats for tax overhaul”


“The Trump White House is quietly courting a few dozen House Democrats on tax reform — eager to avoid the fate of the GOP’s straight party-line attempt to jam through a repeal of Obamacare.

Even as congressional GOP leaders largely embrace a partisan path on taxes, White House officials have been wooing 15 to 20 centrist House Democrats since early summer. The Trump administration is all too aware of congressional Republicans’ struggles to come together on a range of hot-button issues — from health care to government spending — and tax reform is littered with political minefields for the party.”  MORE

“McConnell plans to pass tax bill with just GOP votes”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reaffirmed the GOP’s longstanding intention to shield any tax overhaul from a likely Democratic filibuster. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP

“Could the Russia Investigation Reveal Trump’s Tax Returns?”


If special prosecutor Robert Mueller suspects they contain evidence of a crime, the most sought-after documents in Washington might just be unearthed.


“Trump’s Tax Proposal Would Be Ridiculously Good For Rich People”


“Donald Trump is coming for your Social Security: How the GOP plans a bait and switch to cut taxes — and pensions”


“Trump ‘Didn’t Have Sufficient Command Of Policy Details To Negotiate’


“Trump Freaks Out After Rachel Maddow Shows His Tax Returns To The Country”