“Trump upends the global order” Reply


“Trump’s Base Of Support Is Collapsing And That’s Got The White House Freaking Out” Reply


Donald Trump is seeing his level of intense support drop as white voters without college degrees are cooling on his presidency all of this has left the White House freaked out and worried they won’t be able to fight an energized left in 2018.

“Trump gives Priebus until July 4th to clean up White House” Reply


The president has threatened to oust his chief of staff if major changes are not made, but many are skeptical he’ll follow through.

“Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump Is Doomed After Committing ‘Textbook Obstruction Of Justice’ Reply


The Trump administration is in for a rude awakening if they think the American public will believe the president over James Comey.

“Canada’s Foreign Minister Sees U.S.A. Under Trump Abandoning World Leadership”


Thanks to Donald Trump, Canada regretfully waved goodbye to the USA as a world leader today. Making a case against President Trump’s protectionist policies, Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland observed with some regret that America is abandoning its position as a world leader.

“Trump’s Russia scandal is more like Iran-Contra than Watergate — which isn’t good news”


Unfortunately, the murky, massive and muddled Reagan-era scandal is a far closer analogy to what we now face


“The Truth About “Covfefe” & The Trump Propaganda Machine: The Daily Show”

“Conservative groups are pressuring advertisers to drop Rachel Maddow’s program”


A conservative watchdog group says Rachel Maddow peddles conspiracy theories and wants advertisers to dump her show

“Could the Russia Investigation Reveal Trump’s Tax Returns?”


If special prosecutor Robert Mueller suspects they contain evidence of a crime, the most sought-after documents in Washington might just be unearthed.