Grover Norquist Lies to the American People While Suffering from the Delusion He Represents Us

Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), appeared on Meet the Press (NBC) yesterday and was questioned by the host, David Gregory. He cowardly refused to admit the power he holds over Republicans in both houses of Congress–which is essentially a lie–and he voiced his delusions of what he thinks the American people want and do not want. More lies.  When David Gregory told Norquist that 53% of Republicans support raising taxes on the rich, Grover could offer no rejoinder. As he always does, he spouts mumbo-jumbo which is in effect meaningless. Also, he refuses to acknowledge his role in the failure of the so-called Super Committee the other day.

Grover Glenn Norquist is a right-wing, Republican lobbyist allied with similar-minded lobbyists and powerful industries, for example, tobacco.  Take a few minutes and have your eyes opened by this exposé of Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform. Grover appears on television like he is a player with clean hands as he lies to us about his motives and who he truly represents.  He never explains what goes on beyond his tax pledges. How they are enforced?  Why they are so feared? How does he take down legislators who defy “the pledge?”  My US representative and two US senators refuse to answer my inquiries about their signed and witnessed career-long pledges of  allegiance to Grover Norquist which is stronger than their allegiance to the welfare of the voters of our state.  Grover you are not the innocuous do-gooder you put yourself out to be! God deliver us from Grover Norquist!

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President Obama Announces US Focus on the Asian Economy

19 November 2011 Last updated at 23:21 ET Help

US officials have praised China‘s attitude on South China Sea territorial disputes after talks between President Obama and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

The two men met on the sidelines of an East Asia summit in Indonesia.

This week saw the US announcing a strategic pivot in foreign policy – making Asia its focus for the future.

The BBC’s Karishma Vaswani reports from the summit in Bali.

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OCCUPY CONGRESS! It’s coming! 12/5 – 12/09 2011






Next up: `Occupy Congress’

One of the enduring questions about Occupy Wall Street has been this: Can the energy unleashed by the movement be leveraged behind a concrete political agenda and push for change that will constitute a meaningful challenge to the inequality and excessive Wall Street influence highlighted by the protests?

A coalition of labor and progressive groups is about to unveil its answer to that question. Get ready for “Occupy Congress.”

The coalition — which includes unions like SEIU and CWA and groups like the Center for Community Change — is currently working on a plan to bus thousands of protesters from across the country to Washington, where they will congregate around the Capitol from December 5-9, SEIU president Mary Kay Henry tells me in an interview. [QUOTE: Washington Post] Continued.


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