The Ugliest Show on Earth

Obama-Biden 2012

Looking at the Romney-Ryan Campaign and looking back at the GOP primary campaign, I have to say, sadly, “We have been watching THE UGLIEST SHOW ON EARTH! All of the primary contestants “lifted their skirts and we saw their dirty laundry.” [Mixed metaphors?]  What disturbs me most is that Republican politicians from the top down have convinced themselves that the American people are looking the other way as they try to win with campaigns of lies, racism, hate and ignorance.  None of that lot has impressed us with their suitability, even their winner by attrition.  In 5 days it will be mano-a-mano time when we will witness the first presidential debate with Barack Obama and challenger, Mitt Romney.  These debates will be the culmination of our quad-annual political process.  Yes, Virginia. American politics is a dirty business! But, it services the best governmental system in the world.

At 39 days before the election pundits are saying most people have made up their minds about who to vote for.  Regardless of one’s choice, we have seen a party that once espoused “family values and moral superiority” earn a lower ring in Hades – as it were – as they obstructed the nation’s business as a political tactic to win the Whitehouse. My sainted Grandmother often said, “God don’t like ugly.” I depend on her being right and our waking up in the morning on November 7th with Barack Obama elected for a second term as President of the United States.  Pray with me:  “God bless our steady warrior for the poor and the middle-class, the Honorable Barack H. Obama.”  [Author: GoodOleWoody]

Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008

Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, this is Mitt Romney…

CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #11

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CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #10

Charley Straight’s Orchestra, Frank Sylvano vocal – Sentimental Baby (1928)

CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #9

CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #8

CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #7

CARTOON: Mitt Romney Has No Core #6