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RNC: Low Expectations Achieved!

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Michelle Obama Does a Walk-thru and Barack Stops in Iowa on the road to Charlotte NC Convention

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The Washington Post Comments on Obama’s Grassroots Organizing in Charlotte, NC




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Juan Gonzales from Holyoke, Mass., stands in front of stage display at the Democratic National Convention inside Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C., on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012. (Credit: AP Photo/David Goldman)



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Runner’s World Fact Checks Paul Ryan’s Marathon – Turns Out He’s Not Faster Than An Endurance Horse, After All 3



by CanyonRat

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan made the startling claim in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt that he had run a sub 3 hour marathon. About a 2:50 “something.” Works out to 6 minute and 48 seconds per mile.

Not only would this have put him in the elite class of human runners, it would have made him faster than a lot of Tevis endurance race horses, which average about 7 to 8 minutes per mile, for the winning times, and at the slower rate of about 4.5 mph if they want to complete the race for the buckle.

Runner’s World magazine took it upon themselves to fact check Paul Ryan’s time claim for the marathon he supposedly competed in, searched 11 years of records, and found that there was exactly one recorded instance of a Paul D. Ryan finishing the 1990 Grandma’s Marathon of Duluth, Minnesota, in 1990, with a time of ….

• 4 hours, 1 minute, and 25 seconds.

That means that the runner is traveling at the much more pedestrian rate of … 9 minutes per mile.

By comparison, this year’s Olympic marathon winner, Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda, ran the race in 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 1 second, which rounds off to one mile ticked off every….

… 4.88 minutes

At first, in response to Runner’s World, a spokesperson for the Romney- Ryan campaign said “His comments on the show were to the best of his recollection.”

Many of the comments at Runner’s World were along the lines of this: “How could anyone NOT remember the details of their personal best like that ?” and “If you are a runner, the fastest way to lose your credibility among other runners, is to lie about your times.”

Ryan finally issued a correction for himself, after the media outcry.  FULL ARTICLE


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