Iowa Caucus Led Me to Discover “Firecracker” Personality, Mike Wolfe, Hunky Iowan TV Star of “American Pickers”

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

“I’m Mike Wolfe and I’m Frank Fritz, and we’re pickers. We travel the back roads of America looking for rusty gold. We’re looking for amazing things buried in people’s garages and barns. What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs. We’ll buy anything we think we can make a buck on. Each item we pick has a history all its own and the people we meet are a breed all their own. We make a living telling the history of America…one piece at a time.” [SOURCE: Wikepedia]

For quite a while now I have been watching the news on TV all day.  This focus on the Republican “circus” in Iowa reaches a climax tomorrow!  I am very happy that somehow this attention to Iowa led me to a very entertaining TV star coming out of Iowa on the TV series, “American Pickers.” This reality series is on the History Channel in HD. This handsome star’s girlfriend says he has a “firecracker” personality. Please read this very interesting article on Mike Wolfe, native Iowan, who co-stars with his childhood friend, Frank Fritz.  I am watching them in a marathon as I write with the History Channel on. These two men are better than Martin and Lewis as these ride their truck around the mid-west looking for their specialty in antiques.  The article is well-written and paints Mike Wolfe as a “nice man” with the personality and looks that should have been recognized by Hollywood a long time ago.  Well, Mike is only 46 and is very virile.  What could be in his future? Even more antique shops? Making antique replicas? MAYBE MOVIES? Leading man?  You may not be into antiques, but, Mike Wolfe’s warmth and charisma will draw you in and entertain you with his enthusiasm for the kind of antiques which turn him on and his ultimate joy of being an “American Picker.”  Men, as well as the ladies and children enjoy this series. Check it out!

Mike Wolfe's Enjoying Life!

A View of 2012 from Armstrong Williams, NOTED CONSERVATIVE

Wikipedia says, "Armstrong never married," which is code for suspected to be "gay"

Williams writes an interesting article that ends with the proclamation, “The presidential race is Mr. Obama‘s to lose. It is really that simple.”

January 1, 2012

WILLIAMS: 2012: An upheaval of monumental proportions



With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

Image via Wikipedia SWEARING IN OF OBAMA

Democrats Begin to Slog to Charlotte, North Carolina and the Democratic National Convention


Barack Obama in 2012

“Right now, Democrats are working to protect historic reforms currently improving the lives of millions of Americans — and we’re fighting to keep building a stronger future for this country.

Supporters are mobilizing on the ground in all 50 states, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to help support Democrats and the President’s agenda. Together, we’ll protect the progress we’ve made and keep this country moving forward — and that starts with your commitment, right now.”


December 27, 2011

N.C. hotel room rates skyrocket for DNC


Deutsch: Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springf...

Image via Wikipedia - OBAMA-BIDEN 2012

SOUTH CAROLINA: The Occurence of Voter Fraud in America Is Overwhelmingly Minimal and a False Motive for Your Voter Photo-Id Law


Republicans are so desperate to keep their blacks and Latinos from voting in 2012 that they would make fun of the black church.  Do you remember how important the black church was in securing civil rights for the sons and daughters of African slave cotton pickers in South Carolina?  You’d think that the current governor (who is Indian-America, a woman of color) would not be the leader of the campaign of the white power structure in South Carolina to revive the ‘good ole days’ of Jim Crow.  I wonder how many of her white constituents truly ‘have her back?’

December 30, 2011

KNIGHT: Voter ID terrifies Democrats

By Robert Knight

An African-American child at a segregated drin...

Image via Wikipedia Protection from the spread of "colored diseases" Ha!

From his Hawaii vacation, Obama says: ‘Too many Americans are still struggling’ By ANDREW MALCOLM

God Bless the Obamas for their Sacrifices to Preserve the Middle-Class!

Well, this is the first day of 2012 and the first day of Election Year 2012. For months the GOP Primary Circus has dominated the news.  Quietly, Barack Obama has been building a re-election that is greater than all the Republican campaigns combined. The President keeps true to his focus to help the struggling middle-class even though some Republican candidates are giving lip-service to helping us survive and reach the successes of the Top 1%.  The big thing for all of us, the poor and the middle-class, is to survive after the Top 1% took thirty years to ruin our economy, send our jobs overseas, quit manufacturing “Made in the USA” products and talk of our millionaires and billionaires as “the job creators” when analysts tell us that companies–small and large–create jobs, NOT MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES. Obama is still our warrior. Read how he sees the struggles in America:

From his Hawaii vacation, Obama says: ‘Too many Americans are still struggling’



It’s January 1, 2012 and Republicans Continue Their Focus on Winning the Presidency to the Exclusion of Better Angel Issues, e.g., PASSING THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT

On this first day of the New Year I was informed that the Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli wants the state’s election law changed to benefit an ex-speaker of the US who was forced out of his job in disgrace. Newt failed to fulfill the requirements of the law to get on the Virginia primary ballot in his home state.  For some reason this Roman Catholic birther and homophobe thinks it right to reward a serial adulterer, ethics violator who was fined $300,000 by his colleagues in the US House with a do-over or a some dispensation to get on the Virginia Republican ballot. Ken wants to continue the GOP assault on voters’ rights, voter access and oppression of minorities limiting their votes which might increase chances of Republican defeat. It continues to be true that Republicans will do anything, say anything, etc., to succeed in their hatred of Barack Obama by denying his re-election as the first black President of the United States.  Ken, I assume you are a devout catholic.  Would your Pope (better Jesus Christ) approve of how you conduct yourself as a Pharisee, I mean, member of the court? Cease and desist!

Ken Cuccinelli

Ken CuccinelliAKA Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II

Born: 30-Jul1968
Birthplace: Edison, NJ

Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician
Party Affiliation: Republican

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Virginia Attorney General

Wife: Alice Monteiro Cuccinelli (“Teiro”, 5 daughters, 2 sons)

High School: Gonzaga College High School, Washington, DC
University: BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia
University: MA International Commerce and Policy, George Mason University
Law School: JD, George Mason University School of Law

Attorney General of Virginia (16-Jan-2010 to present)
Virginia State Senate 37th district (2002-10)
Defenders of Property Rights
Families Incorporated Board of Directors (1998-2000)
Knights of Columbus
Virginia Bar Association
Birther Movement
Global Warming Skeptics
Risk Factors: Homophobia

December 31, 2011

Cuccinelli backs emergency bill to widen Va. GOP primary field

By David Sherfinski



Jesus said to look for signs of THE SECOND COMING. Will the Mayans be proven correct?


Right about now you’re getting your clothes ready for going out tonight.  Got a date?  Hoping to find someone to ring the in the New Year with?  Hope you will have made plans for a DESIGNATED DRIVER to get you home safely this morning. 🙂


“If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”

We witness GOP governors cutting education from their budgets and GOP candidates for president promising to abolish the Department of Education, low test scores in our schools, GOP unwillingness to upgrade our school infrastructure, etc.  Thanks to Sam Seder for this thought-provoking video in which he analyses an article he read in Forbes Magazine: “If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”:

‘If I Were a Poor Black Kid’ column is just plain stupid

By Mychal Denzel Smith

7:56 AM on 12/14/2011


Globally, life was very difficult in 2011.  Our economies were in jeopardy, some of our countries had their credit rating lowered, there has been less money available to help poor people around the globe and many of us have died fighting for the freedoms enjoyed under a democratic form of government. God bless their souls! God bless women around the world who suffer because of their biology and are subjected to discrimination and beatings, forced marriages, marital rape, dealing with no civil rights as a victims of rape and the reality of being property and baby-makers who raise men who continue the cycle of oppression. Lord, grant us mercy!

Well, it 9:35 AM EST and many of you are already celebrating 2012! Party hardy, but, don’t get too drunk.  Who wants to start an auspicious journey as a NEW YEAR with a hangover. 🙂

may already have some junk in his trunk…

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