Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan

Original post was in December 2011
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Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 12/08/2011

Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan

One of the key stories of the day — perhaps the one that will have the greatest long term political impact — has to be that Mitt Romney has now fully embraced Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan.

After previously hedging on the Ryan plan, Romney is now fully declaring his support for it, as a way to wound the surging Newt Gingrich among conservative voters. Newt, you’ll recall, famously referred to the Ryan plan as “right wing social engineering,” and Romney, in a post on his Web site, has revived this Newt quote, and is suggesting he’d sign it into law as president, in order to portray himself as the only true conservative in the race.

“With friends like Newt, who needs the left?” the Romney Web site now blares.

The reason this matters: It will give Dems a weapon in the general election against Romney. “In order to make this attack, Mitt Romney has now given himself ownership of the Ryan plan,” Jed Lewison writes. “Let me say that again: Mitt Romney is now one hundred percent committed to Paul Ryan’s proposal to end Medicare and replace it with vouchers.”

Steve Benen added: “This is the line Democrats have waited eight months for Romney to take.” [WASHINGTON POST: MORE]

Santorum Shuts Down His Big Mouth on Contraception!

Joe Scarborough just got dissed by his so-called friend, Rick Santorum.  Joe asked a question about contraception and Santorum refused to discuss the subject having used the controversy to his political advantage.  Now he sees that his always styling his campaign to be agreeable to the Pope could be liability. The American people heard him lecture us  on and on about catholic marriage, catholic use of birth control, catholic!….catholic! catholic!  The American people are not willing to convert Rick Santorum’s church and his so informed personal values. Rick Santorum never answers a question asked of him.  He always give the politician’s answer: rhetoric and diversion.  I just saw Rick Santorum on National TV,  afraid to give his honest answer to a question he could no longer argue. Shame!


“Tales from the Trail”

Republican presidential primaries leaving African American voters cold

MAR 15, 2012 16:50 EDT

Some Republicans have talked about building a broader coalition as they fight Democratic President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election this year. But so far at least, they seem to be making no inroads in attracting black voters to back the party’s candidates in the primary race for the nomination to oppose the first African-American U.S. president in November. MORE

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Democratic Governors Assn.

Did you see Elisabeth’s email about Republican-backed voter suppression bills that are spreading across the country?

A Wisconsin judge just blocked that state’s terrible new suppression law from taking effect.

And the US Department of Justice halted controversial new voting restrictions in South Carolina and Texas, concluding that minority voters would be disenfranchised at disproportionately high rates.

Voter suppression laws aren’t just unfair – they’re often illegal, yet more and more of these laws are cropping up every day.Join the DGA’s Voter Protection Project right now and stand with the tens of thousands who are already helping us fight voter suppression whenever it happens.

Unfortunately, these recent minor victories in Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Texas are not enough to stop this wave from overwhelming us. Since Republicans swept into power in 2010, eight states have made existing voter ID laws dramatically stricter or enacted new laws that make it harder to vote.

Consider this: when Democratic governors in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and North Carolina got a Republican voter suppression bill on their desk, they pulled out the veto pen. Four of out of those five states are having elections this year, and Republicans are willing to do anything to win those states so they can ram these laws through.

Powerful right-wing groups are already waging a coordinated campaign to get Republican-controlled legislatures to place new burdens on the elderly, students, low-income and minority citizens.

Sitting back and relying on the legal system to protect voters is not a winning strategy when we’re up against radical right wingers.The best way to stop voter suppression is to elect Democratic governors who will veto these bills and stop them from becoming law in the first place.

Take a stand with the DGA against voter suppression right now.

We need you with us now.


Mark Giangreco

A Reading from the Gospel of John 1

Love Is a Many Splendor’d Thing…

If you live long enough, you'll see everything!

Obama Opposes NC Gay Marriage Amendment 1

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Obama Opposes NC Gay Marriage Amendment

President Barack Obama took a stand Friday against a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in North Carolina, a state he won in 2008 that remains crucial to his re-election hopes.

“While the president does not weigh in on every single ballot measure in every state, the record is clear that the president has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same-sex couples,” said Cameron French, the Obama campaign’s North Carolina spokesman, in a statement. “That’s what the North Carolina ballot initiative would do — it would single out and discriminate against committed gay and lesbian couples — and that’s why the president does not support it.”

Same-sex marriage is already illegal by statute in North Carolina but not in the constitution. Last year, lawmakers approved a referendum question that would amend the state constitution to say, in part, “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

The state is the only one in the Southeast without such a constitutional provision, and supporters say it protects traditional marriage from being redefined by the courts.

But opponents contend it’s a discriminatory measure aimed at same-sex couples, and on Friday they welcomed Obama’s statement.

“The president’s support is proof that Amendment One, which could take health care away from children, put domestic violence laws in jeopardy, in addition to hurting all unmarried couples in North Carolina, has far-reaching, negative consequences,” said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families, in a statement.

Supporters of the amendment say warnings about potential side effects on domestic violence protection orders and other areas of the law amount to empty scare-mongering, and said Friday they doubt Obama’s statement will have much effect on the May 8 vote.

“I believe President Obama has no business inserting himself into the people’s business here in North Carolina,” said Tami Fitzgerald, chairwoman of Vote FOR Marriage NC. Fitzgerald said she thinks most voters have already made up their minds on the issue, with early voting due to start in just over a month.

Obama has been praised by gay-rights advocates on some of his administration’s actions, but has said he is still “evolving” in regard to same-sex marriage and isn’t ready to endorse it.

North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes occupy an important place in Obama’s re-election strategy. After narrowly winning the state in 2008, Obama has repeatedly visited North Carolina and the Democratic Party will hold its presidential convention in Charlotte in September.

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Two Charts that Panic the GOP

Brian Beutler February 20, 2012, 4:52 AM 119991 930

“If Republicans seem spooked to you these days, here’s why.

“President Obama’s political comeback over the past several months aligns neatly with when he began more aggressively attacking the GOP and politicking for economic growth and equality back in September.

“But over that same stretch, the economy began moving in the right direction. Indicators of economic growth started moving upward, and the eye-popping indications of economic weakness started moving downward. That’s surely had an effect. And if the trends continue, it augurs very well for Obama in the general election.” [QUOTE: TPM]

Republicans screwing America (making Santorum)

The People Like their Planned Parenthood 2

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