FoxNews, SuperPacs, Citizens United, Koch Bros. et als—People, I Fear Our Future If We, Regular People, Don’t “Take Our Country Back!”

Guess what is the foundation on which this platform rests.



Rick Santorum: “I’m Getting to Know You”

Santorum Drops By Iowa State Fair

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How Rick Santorum Wants To Turn Back The Clock

Rick Santorum’s retro philosophy means that he comes by his class warfare honestly, even if he panders shamelessly on guns and gays, and talks about the straight-laced President Obama as if he embodied the moral sensibilities of Woodstock and Gomorrah. If the Republicans want to have a genuinely searching debate about the future of their party, they’d send Santorum and Jon Huntsman — both of whom are battling to topple Mitt Romney in New Hampshire — off for the long fight. READ MORE


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President Obama unveiled his plan for a leaner, cheaper military Thursday in a briefing at the Pentagon. He said U.S. armed forces will retain the ability to fight terrorism and confront new threats from countries such as China and Iran.

“The tide of war is receding,” Obama said in prepared remarks. “But the question that this strategy answers is what kind of military will we need after the long wars of the last decade are over. And today, we’re moving forward, from a position of strength.”

The new strategy is the result of months of study at the Pentagon. It reflects a high-stakes, high-wire balancing act by Obama as he faces a more austere budget climate combined with continued high U.S. responsibilities at home and overseas.

The plan already has run into opposition from Republicans on Capitol Hill and GOP presidential candidates, citing concern about paring back the military. In addition, conservative defense analysts say the plan steps away from the l ongtime U.S. commitment to be able to wage two major wars simultaneously.

There is no overt mention in the Pentagon’s strategy document, however, that the U.S. is stopping its policy of being ready to fight two ground wars simultaneously, but the reduced size suggests that is the case. [SOURCE: CNN]

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Stephen Colbert’s Back! (video) Is Gingrich “Joke of the Day” (sic)





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THE 3RD MRS. NEWT GINGRICH. He get 3 chances and I legally can't get one! Un-American!

Michele Bachmann Ends Campaign with a Lie


Senator Bachmann painted a glorious picture of her campaign a fight for the American and not a search the power that a politician wields over us. She said, “I am not a politician.”  Michele a rotten apple by any other name would still stink!  Obamacare may have its risks, but, it has the lofty goal of providing healthcare for all Americans. How have you improved healthcare in your state? When I first heard of you and your ugly, anti-Christian and un-American campaign against people who are not overtly heterosexual, I went to Google and asked the oracle for your accomplishments.  I could find none!  During the campaign you were relentless in personally opposing Barack Obama, as if he had deeply and personally wounded you.  Is there a secret the public has a right to know?  I try to take no pleasure in your defeat. However, I recall the many times you invoked God‘s name to justify your campaign against the poor, the black, the middle-class…the gay. Now, I ask myself if He was ever on your side. I think that your next step is to return to your businesses, law career(?) and resign your office in Congress. Early on, I learned that you were not representing your district but, rather, the big businesses (even out-of-state) who gave liberally to your campaign chest. You abandoned your voters! Vaya con Dios!

BTW, your lack of regard for fact-checking is deplorable!


AP – Bachmann Will End Campaign. Rick Perry Cancels South Carolina, Too

While waiting for Michele Bachmann to arrive for her press conference and concede defeat on camera, I learned that Rick Perry has cancelled his trip to South Carolina, like Bachmann.  Perhaps he’s be on TV next.

Michele Bachmann Cancels Trip to South Carolina and Schedules Press Conference at 11:00AM EST

Michele, you fought hard. Perhaps it is time to return to your “fabulous” husband, Marcus, and your 23 children… See you on the TV in 10 minutes.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich Suspend Their ‘Love of Money’ to Continue Their Lust for Power (video)

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
Michael Savage has offered Newt Gingrich $1 Million Dollars to drop out of the race. Sam Seder has extended that offer to Newt AND Mitt Romney…and has upped the price to $10 million.

Newt Gingrich, celebrity and pricey historian, remember, “Live by the sword and die by the sword?”  You taught Republicans how to win playing the dirtiest kind of politics. Your evil tactics have been aided lately by the US Supreme Court who ruled Citizens United into law. At the time you praised their decision knowing that your many friends in the TOP 1% would soon use this ruling to take over the country and divide the spoils among our rich, white, ruling class.  You have been humbled in the media and made to whine in protest as you became an unintended consequence of Citizens United, so you claim. Secret, legal and unlimited political campaign money favoring Mitt Romney was focused on you and your power grab.  You reversed yourself and now claim foul! All the mean-spirited politics you enjoyed for 30 years has come back to haunt you and deliver what we hope is your final political loss.  You lost the 2012 Iowa GOP Caucuses and high-tailed it out-of-town before midnight. Earlier, you shocked the media by using plain language to call the perceived and eventual winner “a liar!”

This morning Chuck Todd, Host of “The Daily Rundown” asked you, “What did Romney lie about?” Newt, you could not give a “factual” answer and had to resort to Gingrich rhetoric and dodge about “the truth” as you live it.  As I ranted yesterday, truth to us and truth as interpreted by Newt Gingrich are two different things. If you had had the money, Newt, you would have responded to Romney in kind. And, even though you said you would not turn negative in your campaign against Romney, if your campaign does continue, you will revert to the Nasty Newt we have endured throughout your career – your true nature.  I submit that YOU are the liar! Don’t bother to deny it. Just watch this video:

Newt, Buy Asbestos Britches!


Our Struggle

Well, yes, he was the only Democrat running. 🙂 So our long election journey has begun with this one step.  The Republican National Convention will be in Tampa, Florida in August.  The Democratic National Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina in September. In November the American people will be persuaded to re-elect Barack Obama, President of the United States!

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  1. Mitt Romney wins 1st place, 25% of the vote winning by 8 votes
  2. Rick Santorum wins 2nd place at 25%
  3. Ron Paul wins 3rd place at 21%

Time to hang up your cleats, Perry, Bachmann and Gingrich!

A nice old lady in Iowa last night said she voted for Romney because of his values.  Lady, Romney doesn’t care about you: He’s a job killer! He cares about the Top 1% of which Romney is a card-carrying member! Obviously, she has not seen this video:

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: “Today’s Republican Talking Points”

Dear GoodOleWoody:

The Republican National Committee just unrolled their new strategy for beating President Obama this fall. They’re calling it “Obama vs. Obama,” and the idea is to say President Obama hasn’t made good on his campaign promises.

But there’s a hitch in their talking points: They’re (prepare to be shocked!) not true.

For every day they try to weave a false tale about the President, we’ll fight back with the facts about his record.

Check out our first piece: a video showing President Obama’s victory speech in Iowa from four years ago today, along with a rundown of the promises he’s kept. Take a look — and then make sure you share it with your friends.

The bottom line here is simple: This is a President who does what he says he’s going to do.

Other presidents and lawmakers tried for 70 years to pass health reform — but this president took on the insurance industry and got it done. When President Obama took office, nearly 150,000 troops were deployed in Iraq; in December, the last American troops there left. The middle class was under assault for decades, and this administration worked to make the tax code more fair and give all working families the tax cuts they deserve. And since taking office, President Obama has taken the most significant federal action ever to reduce greenhouse gases and our dependence on foreign oil — almost doubling our fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks.

These aren’t talking points. These are facts.

It’s 2012. More and more people are going to start paying attention to this race, and fast. But the Republicans have apparently decided to make this easy for us — because when the other side’s strategy is to distort the record, all you need to push back with is reality.

Watch the video, get the facts, then pass it on:

Thanks, and happy caucus day,


Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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